Enabling Xero Tax Integration (Australia and New Zealand Only)

To automatically file and process tax returns and assessments from Xero Tax (using the Tax automations) the Xero Tax app must be enabled by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations.

Note: Xero Tax cannot be connected when integrating Practice Management software through Practice Sync e.g. MYOB AE/AO.

  1. In FYI, go to Automation.

  2. Go to the Apps tab.


  3. On Xero Tax click the cog icon to edit it.


  4. In the Xero Tax Settings, click the Import tax assessments switch to set this "On".


  5. Enable the Consider notices of assessment complete without payable date toggle to trigger tax automation processes when a Notice of Assessment contains both a Date of Issue and the amount payable/refundable (regardless of whether the payable date field has been completed).

  6. When you have enabled the Xero Tax App, you then need to make the process that runs the import "Active". Refer to Xero Tax Return AutoFile (Australia and New Zealand Only).

    Note: Once everything is set up, the returns are imported overnight. 
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