Does the integration with Xero Practice Manager bring across archived clients?

Archived Clients when you Begin your Trial
When you begin your trial with FYI and your client list is migrated, this does not bring in any of your archived clients.

Archived Clients after your Trial Creation
Following trial creation, future archived clients will sync. When you archive a client from within Xero Practice Manager, the client will be marked as archived in FYI.

These clients can be displayed in the Clients workspace. Refer to Archived Clients.

Archived Clients and Data Migration
When you import your documents (from your historical document store) if there are any documents related to archived clients in Xero Practice Manager, these will be imported but will not match to a client in FYI.

The FYI import will create these as ‘unmatched clients' in FYI and the documents are stored under the unmatched client names. Unmatched clients can be displayed from the Clients list. For information about unmatched clients, refer to Resolving Unmatched Clients and Unmatched Client Import. Refer also to the FAQ Why is there a duplication of an archived Client in Xero Practice Manager with the same name as an active Client?.

For more information how archived clients are synced with FYI, refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager and Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Additional Notes on Syncing.


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