Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop documents into FYI directly from Windows Explorer or from your desktop. When using Drag and Drop, the file details that you select are applied to all the documents therefore when multiple files are added in this way, make sure they are for the same Client, Cabinet and Categories.

Content added to FYI using Drag and Drop is not included in Content Search Results. Refer to Search within Emails, Phone Calls, File Notes and Meetings Content.

Note: The maximum size for an imported file is 500mb.

Dragging and Dropping a File into FYI

  1. Highlight one or more files in Windows Explorer on your desktop and drag the file(s) onto any Documents list in FYI.

  2. The Import displays for you to select the Client and filing details. Any settings for the default Cabinet, categories and Job (if relevant) are applied. Refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client. If the Cabinet is changed, the fields will be refreshed and you will need to re-select the filing options for the document.

    If you drag and drop files on the Client Group - Documents tab, the Client field will not be populated. Click into the field, begin typing to search for the Client, and select the correct Client Name.

    If you drag and drop files onto the Client - Documents tab, this automatically sets that client name. 

    The names of the Files that are being added are displayed so you can check these.

  3. The Advanced section can be used to change the Owner, Filing Status and Workflow.
    By setting Remember selections to On, will ensure the Advanced settings are redisplayed with the same configuration the next time you use the Import.

  4. When the filing details have been selected, click Create.

The following example shows three files being imported with drag and drop to a client with defaults set up for Cabinet and the Job.


If the Cabinet that is selected is a Knowledge cabinet (and has Enable Knowledge set as "On"), the client can be left blank. Refer to Using Knowledge Cabinets.

Limits of Number of Files and File Size

There is a limit of 10 files that can be imported with Drag and Drop. There is also a limit to the upload file size of 250MB. If you need to import more than 10 files, or large files, refer to Using OneDrive FYI - My Imports to Automatically Import to your In Tray for how to upload the files using your FYI - My Imports folder.

If you are importing too many documents, a message displays "Up to 10 can be uploaded".

If you are importing too large a file size, the following message displays.


Drag and Drop of Emails

You can also use drag and drop to import emails, for example, emails from a shared mailbox, historical emails etc.

Emails that are imported using Drag and Drop cannot be threaded with the original email.

When using Drag and Drop, a message displays at the bottom of the drawer, "Please note: emails imported using drag & drop or uploaded are a new copy which will not thread with the original email."

For emails, the Activity section in the drawer shows "Manually uploaded document" to show that the email was created using drag and drop/Upload.

If you Drag and Drop emails with attachments, they do not show the attachment (the paperclip) icon and the Attachments drawer shows as "No available attachments".

Note: We recommend that all emails are filed to FYI from Outlook using the FYI Add-in to ensure that the emails and any attachments are filed correctly in FYI.

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