"Cannot carry out your request" or "Oh no, we had a problem creating your document" when creating an email.

When a user tries to create an email in FYI, they get an error message "Cannot carry out your request" or "Oh no, we had a problem creating your document".

If you are encountering this error message, check the following:

  1. Logout of FYI (click Settings in the top right-hand corner of FYI and select Logout), then login again.

    Note: Ensure that you are logging in with the correct email address. For example, check this is your work email address and is not being set as a personal email address.

  2. If the issue is still present, and the document is being created from a Template, or using a Word Stationery or an Email Signature there may be a problem with the Template, Stationery or Email Signature.

    - Check if any Merge Fields have missing matching brackets (either the opening or closing bracket is missing).
    - Check if there are any broken images (delete the images to send the email).

    - Check the brackets are on the same line (so there are no line breaks in the Merge Fields).

    - Check there is a space after the opening brackets and before the closing brackets.

    - If this is not the case, recreate a new Template/Stationery/Email Signature, remove the original one and create a document from the new one.

  3. If the issue is still present, ask an FYI Admin to check your User profile. If there is an Email Alias set up in your FYI User profile, ensure that it is correct.
    For example, if an Email Alias is present, and incorrectly set, for example to your personal email, this will be used when logging into FYI and sending an email and it may not be configured.


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