Tasks Overview

FYI makes delegating tasks simple and effective. Seamless integration with Outlook and Office saves you time as you can allocate a task that is automatically associated with the email or document you are working on.

Creating Tasks

  • Tasks are used to set up a future action or to trigger a reminder.
  • You can set tasks for yourself or delegate them to another user.
  • Tasks can be created for emails and any type of document or interaction in FYI.
    As well as for Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, you can create Tasks for PDFs, Phone Calls, File Notes, Meetings, or any type of file you have uploaded. 
    Referencing the document or email directly saves time by providing context for the task.
  • You can have multiple tasks attached to a source document or email. 
  • You can also create stand-alone Tasks that do not reference an email or document. These tasks can be used, for example, as reminders.
  • Tasks can be created from within an Office product (for example, for an Outlook email, a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation). Using the FYI Drawer, the task can be created when selecting the filing fields for the email or document.
  • You can add Time for Tasks with the Add Time tool at the top of the Task drawer.

Refer to the section Creating Tasks.

Displaying Tasks

Display a complete list of outstanding tasks assigned to you, by client, or across the entire practice. These help keep track of workload and ensure the delivery of a high standard of client service, with no task falling between the cracks.

Tasks can be displayed from the following areas within FYI:

  • From your Home
    • My Tasks displays the tasks that have been delegated to you by others, or that you have assigned to yourself.
    • Delegated Tasks displays the tasks that you have delegated to other members of your team. If you have assigned a task to yourself, these are not included in your Delegated Tasks and are displayed in the My Tasks.
    • Notifications display Tasks that you have been sent a Notification about. This Home tab can also be accessed by clicking on the Alert icon in the menu bar.
  • From the Tasks workspace - display outstanding Tasks for all clients across the practice
  • From an individual Client Workspace - the Client - Tasks tab displays a list of Tasks for that Client.
  • From an individual Job Workspace - the Job - Tasks tab displays a list of Tasks for that Job.
  • From an email, document, or job - open the Tasks section in the drawer to view and open the Tasks attached to that email, document, or job.

Refer to the section Displaying Tasks.

Working with Tasks

When a task is created, it becomes part of a workflow which will send notifications to relevant users as the task is actioned and the status is changed.

Notifications are sent to Home - Notifications or via email, depending on each user’s preference.

When a task is marked as Complete, the original delegator is notified and the task list in FYI is updated.

The Comments feature allows questions, updates and commentary to be added to specific tasks, assisting in team collaboration.

Notifications are automatically sent to FYI users referenced in comments.

Refer to the section Working with Tasks.

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