'Filed in FYI' Label in Outlook

Every email that has been filed in FYI includes the label 'Filed in FYI' at the top of the email within Outlook.

It also displays the blue 'Filed in FYI' category in the Inbox or Sent Items folder (above the date).

This means that from an open email in Outlook, you can easily see at a glance that a record of the email has been filed in FYI. Outlook is confirming that the email exists in FYI.


Emails that are awaiting filing and are in a User's In Tray, do not show the 'Filed in FYI' label. 

The label will only display if an email has been auto-filed or manually filed either from Outlook or from FYI.

Note: The 'Filed in FYI' does not indicate that all or any of the filing details (such as Cabinet and Categories) have been completed in FYI.

Note: The filing details of the emails and document in FYI can be changed and this is managed within FYI. This does not feed back into Outlook.

Note: FYI monitors the Inbox and Sent Items folders in Outlook. If the email is located in a different folder to these, FYI will not be able to set the 'Filed In FYI' category.


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