Introduction to the Automation Dashboard

The Automation dashboard provides a single centralised location where your FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group with Permissions enabled for Automations, can manage all the automation functions for your practice. 

This is where FYI Admins activate and configure processes and monitor automation activity logs for any issues.


The Automation Dashboard has the following tabs:

  • Processes
    This tab holds all the processes and Custom Processes that are available for your practice. Processes can be activated, run and maintained from this tab. Refer to Automation Processes.
  • Apps
    This tab holds the Outlook Apps, Xero Practice Manager App and FYI Apps which are used to configure and process Email Autofile, Xero Practice Manager (which includes the manual Sync from Xero Practice Manager), Collaborate and Calendar Entry Autofile.

    It also displays the Apps with which FYI is integrated (for example, Xero Practice Ledger, OneDrive, BGL CAS 360, NowInfinity, and document signature Apps such as DocuSign, and Adobe Sign). When FYI is initially set up, any Applications used by FYI for your practice are configured or connected from this tab. Refer to Automation Apps.
  • History
    Provides a log of all the automation activities. This is used as an audit, to monitor the processes that have been run and to check for errors. Refer to Automation History.

A standard user can see the Processes and Apps tabs and the available options but cannot make any changes to any settings.

For a recorded introduction to the dashboard, you can watch our 2-minute tutorial below.

Note: The Email Autofile, Xero Practice Manager, Collaborate and Calendar Entry Autofile settings are now in Automation - Apps.

Quick Access to Recently Used Automation Processes and Views, Apps and History

Click the down arrow next to the Automation menu option from any list or workspace for quick access to a standard or saved List view in Automation Processes, or one of the last 5 Processes you have opened. From the drop-down you can also select Apps to display the Automation - Apps tab, or, if you have access to this, you can select Process History.


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