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The Apps tab in Automation is used to configure the Outlook Apps, Xero Practice Manager App and FYI Apps which process the Email AutoFile, Xero Practice Manager (which includes the manual Sync from Xero Practice Manager), Collaborate and Calendar Entry AutoFile.

The Apps tab can only be seen by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations.

It is also used to configure and connect to the applications integrated with the FYI processes, such as Xero Practice Ledger, OneDrive, BGL CAS 360, NowInfinity, and document signature Apps such as DocuSign, and Adobe Sign. For example, with the OneDrive application, you select which OneDrive to use as your default for FYI, and with the Xero Practice Manager, you use this to connect with your Xero Practice Manager credentials.

  • If you are an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations, you will be able to add, change and delete Automation Processes and Apps and you will see the Process History tab. Refer to Managing User Groups.
  • If the User Group you belong to does not have permissions enabled for Automations, you will only see the Processes and Apps tabs and the Edit tool displays as unavailable.


Note: Certain Apps (such as BGL, NowInfinity, and Zapier) are only available for practices on the Pro plan.
Other Apps (such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Annature, and FuseSign) are available for practices on the Intermediate or Pro plan.

Configuring and connecting to each application is a one-time-only action that needs to be done as part of the setup of the processes.

  1. From FYI, click the Automation menu option.

  2. Go to the Apps tab.


  3. Any Apps that are not set up or connected show with a grey background.

  4. For the relevant App, click the cog icon to edit it.

  5. Complete the information as relevant to the application.
    For example, if prompted to enter a User Name and Password that you use to connect to the App and then you click Connect.

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