Automation Apps

The Apps tab in Automation is used to configure FYI and Outlook apps, Apps, along with third-party apps integrated with FYI. 

It is also used to configure and connect to the applications integrated with the FYI processes, such as Xero Practice Ledger, OneDrive, BGL CAS 360, NowInfinity, and document signature Apps such as DocuSign, and Adobe Sign. For example, with the OneDrive application, you select which OneDrive to use as your default for FYI,

  • If you are an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations, you will be able to add, change and delete Automation Processes and Apps and you will see the Process History tab. Refer to Managing User Groups.

  • If the User Group you belong to does not have permissions enabled for Automations, you will only see the Processes and Apps tabs and the Edit tool displays as unavailable.


Note: Certain Apps will only be available depending on your FYI plan.

Configuring and connecting to each application is a one-time-only action that needs to be done as part of the setup of the processes.

For more details on individual integrations refer to the Apps and Integrations category.

Accessing Automation - Apps

  1. From FYI, click the Automation menu option.

  2. Go to the Apps tab.
  3. Any Apps that are not set up or connected show with a grey background.

  4. For the relevant App, click the cog icon to edit it.

For more details on individual integrations refer to the Apps and Integrations category.

Searching for Apps

You can use the Search Apps field at the top of the Apps page to search the app names.

  1. Enter the search criteria into the Search Tasks field.

  2. Press the Enter key.

  3. Matching results will be displayed.
  4. To clear the search, click the next to the search criteria, or delete the search criteria and press the Enter key.

When searching for apps:

  • The search text is not case-sensitive.
  • If you type part of a word, this can be anywhere in the text. For example, searching for the text "sign" will display AdobeSign, DocuSign and FuseSign.
  • If searching for multiple words, they must be complete words in the correct order. For example, searching for "practice sync" will display the Practice Sync app, however searching for "sync practice" will not.
  • Searching for plurals will not display singulars, for example "syncs" will not display results for "sync". 


Active Apps

In the Grid view, active apps are displayed with a white background, while inactive apps will display a grey background. 

The Show active apps button in the toolbar will filter the Apps page to show only apps that have been configured, or connects to a third-party integration.


When active apps are displayed, the button will be updated to an eye with a strike out. Click Show all apps to display all apps, including those not currently configured.



The Filter by Category drop-down is used to display only apps relevant to the selected category. For example, selecting the "Practice Management" category will only show apps relevant to practice management integrations.

Apps can belong to multiple categories.

  1. Click the Filter by Category drop-down.

  2. Select a Category from the list.
  3. The apps will be updated to display matching apps.
  4. To clear the search, click the next to the search criteria.

List View

Apps can be displayed as a Grid or List depending on your preference.

The Grid view is displayed as below.


The List view is displayed as below.


If an app has been configured, the app will be displayed with a white background on the Grid View, or a tick in the Active column in the List View.


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