How is our data backed up, how often and how can we retrieve it?

Data Integrity and Backup

Backups are included within the application, as part of the subscription. Your data is being dynamically backed up by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of their core service.

FYI is hosted in Australia and the United Kingdom. As part of the AWS platform, they provide inbuilt, offsite backups, disaster recovery, multiple sites synchronisation across more than two sites, including a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 30 minutes meaning in an absolute worst-case scenario, only 30 minutes' worth of data could be lost.

Further information can be found on the Amazon Web Services website: Data protection in Amazon S3.

Data Control

FYI also includes a number of features in order to protect your practice from inadvertent data loss, these include:

Your FYI Admin can also export all documents on demand into a well-ordered windows hierarchy if required. Refer to Bulk Export AWS and  Bulk Export OneDrive.

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