Is there any ability to share documents with clients in a secure manner?

FYI allows you to share documents with clients in a secure manner. For sharing documents, we integrate directly using your practice's OneDrive, automatically creating a folder structure (of your choosing) for each client/client group. The benefit of this approach that you are leveraging OneDrive, which you are already paying for via your Microsoft 365 subscription.

In the future, we will extend our collaborate features to include other client cloud storage system such as Drive, DropBox and the client's OneDrive etc. Our overall strategy is to be pragmatic and client-centric by going upstream and collaborating with your clients using their technology of choice.

Refer to the section Collaborate.

Sharing Documents

For your occasional clients, you can Share documents via OneDrive that your client can access via a hyperlink that can only be accessed by the intended recipient of the email.

Sharing the Shared Folder

For your more engaged clients, you can issue them with a  full username and password, so they have full access to their entire document archive. Another option is the ability to documents uploaded by the client automatically imported into FYI.

Digital Signing

For digital signing, we leverage the existing market leaders such as DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Annature or FuseSign. Because OneDrive and these third parties are already integrated, it is easy to request a signature of any document shared with the client via OneDrive. FYI then watches for any document signed by the client, we then automatically import the signed document back in, updating the original including the workflow status to be “Signed By Client”.


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