Inviting New Users to Start Using FYI

New users can be invited to start using FYI by initiating a system email from within FYI, or by sending your own custom email with instructions adapted to suit your practice.

Important Note: Please ensure that all new users are directed to the article Optimising your computer for use with FYI.

Even where users' computers have already been set up for FYI (for example, by your practice's  IT administrator) this article contains important information that users will need if they are working from a different computer such as their home computer.

Inviting New Users from within FYI

An FYI Admin can send an invitation email to new users at any time via Settings - Practice Settings - General - Users.

The Users list displays as follows.


Select one or more Users in the list and click Send Invitation.


The Send Invitation function is only available for users who are marked as "Active".

Clicking Send Invitation sends an email to the user with links to the FYI Login page and to the Microsoft AppSource pages so they can add the FYI Add-ins individually to their Microsoft Office and Outlook accounts.


If you prefer, you can add the FYI Add-ins to your Practice Microsoft 365 Account so that individual users do not need to complete this extra step.

Refer to Adding the FYI Add-ins to Your Practice Office 365 Account.

Creating a Custom Email to Invite New Users

Alternatively, you may wish to create a custom email inviting new users to log in to FYI.

If you’d like to include instructions on how to log in to FYI, refer to How to Login.

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