Appointing FYI Champions

Getting the full benefits from FYI’s existing features and evolving process automations requires commitment from management and your entire team. 

We recommend you nominate one or more project Champions from within your team to assist with the implementation, onboarding and ongoing usage of FYI across your practice.

Your champions should be technically competent, fast-learners and hold relatively senior positions in your business so that they can make decisions and provide appropriate direction to other team members. 

An FYI Champion’s Role and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of your FYI Champions will vary depending on the size and needs of your practice, but in most instances would include:

  • Familiarising themselves with FYI’s full feature set during your 30-Day Free Trial
  • Assisting the FYI Admins with set up and configurations to FYI to suit your practice
  • Developing an in-depth understanding of how FYI functions
  • Assisting as required when you are ready to onboard the rest of your team
  • Responding to minor queries and trouble-shooting, using the FYI Knowledge Base as a point of reference for all users
  • Monitoring and driving internal acceptance of FYI across your practice to ensure ongoing return on investment

Your Champions should sign up to the FYI User Community on Facebook for FYI news, product updates, and to discuss ideas with other FYI users. Click here to join.

Onboarding Your Champions 

Your FYI Champions can be invited to start using FYI by initiating a system email from within FYI, or by sending your own custom email with instructions adapted to suit your practice.

Refer to Inviting New Users to Start using FYI.

Sign up for the Champions Mailing List

By subscribing to the Champions Mailing List, they'll be kept up to date with the latest features, releases and events. 

Click here to subscribe.

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