Deleting Documents and Recovering Deleted Documents

You can delete documents from any list in FYI.

Restrictions on Deleting Documents

You cannot delete a document if it has been locked for one of the following reasons:

  • It is currently being edited by a user and is currently locked, as indicated by the Editing icon.
  • It is currently in Co-edit and shows with the Co-edit icon.
  • It is currently in Co-edit with the client and shows with the Co-edit with Client icon.
  • If using Workflow Basics and the document is in a read-only status.
    859 Lock Padlock.gif

Refer also Why can I not Edit or Delete an email or document? or if the padlock is displayed, refer to Workflow Basics.

If the selected document cannot be deleted, the Delete button will not display. You will need to finish the document editing or change the Approval Status to a lower level to be able to delete the document.

When selecting multiple documents, if one of the documents cannot be deleted the Delete button will not display.

Deleting Documents

From a List

  1. Click on the document you want to delete from one of the lists.

  2. Click the Delete button in the toolbar.
  3. Confirm the deletion.

For a single document, you can also right-click and select Delete from the toolbar pop-up menu (refer to Using the Document Action Tool Bar).

You can select multiple documents for deletion in a list and delete more than one at a time (refer to Selecting Documents in a List in Using the Documents Lists).

If there are Tasks associated with the document, the Tasks will remain in FYI. Once the document has been removed overnight, the Task Activity will be updated to show the associated document was deleted.

Bulk Update

An FYI Admin can use Bulk Update to delete multiple emails and documents. Refer to Bulk Updating of Filing Details

1590 Bulk Update initial screen.gif

Automation Process

Documents can be deleted using the Alter Document step in a Custom Process. Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document

2219 Alter Document Step Filing.gif

Permanently Deleting Documents

The ability to permanently delete documents is restricted to FYI Admins. Once a document has been permanently deleted, it cannot be restored.

  1. Go to Documents.

  2. In the drop-down list of views, select the Deleted view.
  3. A list of deleted documents will be displayed.

  4. Click the checkbox to select the document to be deleted. Alternatively, use the drop-down next to the checkbox in the column heading to select the option Select all.
  5. Click Permanently Delete the button on the toolbar.
  6. A prompt will be displayed, click Yes to confirm the documents should be deleted permanently.

  7. The documents will be deleted.

An Alert will be added to Practice Activity with the number of documents deleted, the user that requested the document to be deleted, and the date and time. Refer to Practice Activity


Displaying Deleted Documents

You can see documents that have been deleted in the Documents workspace. Deleted documents remain in your deleted documents list until either recovered or permanently deleted (by an FYI Admin). 

  1. Go to Documents.
  2. In the drop-down list of views, select the Deleted view.

The list displays all the documents that have been deleted.

If you cannot find your document in the list:

  1. Click the Hide Threads button in the view to remove all threading. Refer to Managing Email Threads.
  2. Then search again.

Note: Any documents deleted from the In Tray are not viewable to anyone apart from the original recipient and FYI Admins. 

The Deleted Documents list displays as follows.


Note: Any unfiled documents that are deleted from your In Tray are not shown as deleted documents. Due to privacy considerations, they are hidden from view. If they need to be recovered, please contact the FYI Support Team

Note: The Activity section in a document displays the name of the user who deleted a document. Currently, this cannot be displayed as a column in the lists. The "Modified by" column shows the name of the user who last modified the document, not the name of the user who deleted it if they had not also modified it.

Recovering Deleted Documents

The delete function is a 'soft delete'. You can recover a document if you have deleted it from FYI by mistake. This lets you delete unwanted documents, but they are not permanently removed until an FYI Admin has followed the Permanently Deleting Documents process below.

To recover a deleted document:

  1. Go to Documents.
  2. In the drop-down list of views, select the Deleted view.
  3. The list displays all the relevant documents that have been deleted.
  4. Select the document you want to recover and click Restore.
  5. Refresh the page. Click the Refresh button which is at the end of the column headings, on the right-hand side of a list.
  6. Change the view back to another list, such as Recent to see the recovered document.

Note: If you are an FYI Admin you will have access to the Permanently Delete function in this view. Once a document has been permanently deleted it cannot be restored.

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