AutoFile Settings and Defaults

New emails and client meetings are intelligently auto-filed by FYI based on a combination of the conversation thread, template defaults and auto-file defaults and settings. Filing defaults can be set at the practice level, for clients and/or for individual users.

Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults

Your Email AutoFile Settings control how the automatic filing of emails from Outlook is managed. Emails are filed approximately every 15 minutes. Exclusions allow your practice to block emails that are sent from specific email addresses or domains from being filed automatically.

These are also used to set Filing Defaults at the practice level. When auto-filing emails, and when creating a new email or document in FYI, if Filing Defaults are not available for either the relevant Client or User, the Practice Filing Defaults for Cabinet and Category will be applied as the defaults for the filing.

These settings and exclusions can be managed from Automation - Apps by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations.

Refer to Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.

Calendar Entry AutoFile Settings

The Calendar Entry AutoFile automatically imports and files all client meetings from your users' Outlook calendars. They are created as Meetings in FYI so your practice can automatically store a record of all client meetings.

Refer to Calendar Entry AutoFile.

Setting Filing Defaults for Invoices and Credit Notes 3345_Elite_plan_Swish.png

Filing Defaults for manually created Invoices and Credit Notes synchronised from Xero are managed separately to the Autofile settings.

When creating an invoice manually, or importing a Credit Note from Xero, the Cabinet (and Categories if added to the Cabinet) will be populated automatically to match the Invoice Filing Defaults selected in Practice Settings - Time & Billing - Invoices. If a default has not been configured, the Cabinet field will remain blank. Refer to Managing Invoices Settings.

Filing for invoices created by an automation are controlled by the Client Autofile settings, or the Cabinet and categories selected in the automation step. Refer to Process Step Details - Create Invoice

Setting Filing Defaults for a Client

FYI allows you to set filing defaults for each client. This can be used to set default cabinets and categories, a default job and how attachments are sent to a client. 

The defaults can be set in the following ways: 

  • By setting the defaults for the client in the Client - Settings tabWhere a client is part of a group, you can nominate which client to Include in AutoFile. Refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client.
  • By setting or changing them in Outlook. With an open email in Outlook within the FYI Drawer, select the Cabinet and Categories. Then set these as the Filing Defaults for the client by clicking the Save as Client Default link at the bottom of the FYI Drawer. Refer to Setting Filing Defaults for a Client from Outlook.

Setting Filing Defaults for Your Login

Each user can set defaults for their login via their Profile settings. This is where individual defaults can be set for notifications, attachments, and how you prefer to open Office products (via the Desktop or Online).

Users can also set their Filing defaults to override the practice-wide default setting for how emails are auto-filed. This may be useful, for example, for partners and senior managers who prefer to review emails in their In Tray before making them available practice-wide.

Users can also set the Filing Defaults for Cabinet and Category that will be used if filing defaults are not set up at a client level.

Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings.

Outlook Safe Attachments Scan

If an email contains a "Safe Attachments Scan In Progress" file attachment, the email will not be filed. This attachment is displayed when a Safe Attachments policy is present and the email is still being reviewed. The next time the AutoFile process runs through Outlook, if the scan has been completed and the attachment has been removed, FYI will file the email as per the standard filing process.

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