Displaying Information for Client Groups

Accounting Practices generally work with clients in Client Groups. FYI gives you the ability to view all documents for a Group or the flexibility to jump to a lower level, such as an individual entity or specific job. This is useful when working on multiple entities within a Client Group.

Video Walkthrough
For a video walkthrough that includes this feature, refer to Locating Documents.

Group/Client/Job Search

From the Client Workspace (once a client has been selected) you can navigate between a Group, Client or Job.


From the Group/Client/Job search, you can select the 'x' on a particular field to clear that information. In the example above, clicking the 'x' in the Client field that will remove the client "Marshall, Frank".  and take you up to the Client Group level, which will appear as follows.

Note: Not all the tabbed pages in the Client Workspace are relevant when a Group is selected.


Any of these fields (Group, Client or Job) can be selected from the drop-downs, allowing you to move between workspaces.

The relevant tabs within this view, such as Documents and Tasks, will update as you move around Groups, Clients and Jobs, showing only the information applicable to your current selection.

To select a client within the selected Group, click it in the list under Group Details or select the client from the drop-down.


Note: In the Summary tab, the list of Group Members currently includes archived clients. These can be displayed on the Client tab by including clients with the Status of "Archived". Refer also to Archived Clients.

Displaying the Clients in a Group

When a Group is selected, you can display the Clients tab to see the details of the clients within a Client Group.

From the Clients tab, you can include the column Include in AutoFile to see which client will be used as the client when auto-filing and where the email is shared by more than one client. Refer to Nominating the Client to Include in AutoFile.

You can also select or change which client is the Primary Client. Only one client within the Group can be marked as the Primary Client. You can also set the Primary Client from the Clients list. The Primary Client can be used as a filter, for example, for an Automation that uses a saved view to send out a bulk email and you want to ensure this only goes to the primary clients.

Note: The Primary Client is configured directly in FYI, and not synchronised from any practice management integrations, for example, Xero Practice Manager.

The Clients tab is used in the same way as the Clients list. From this you can also select multiple clients and use Bulk Update to make changes. Refer to Clients Bulk Update.

The Clients for a Client Groups display as follows.


When a Client Group is displayed, you can use the Job drop-down to select any job from within that Client Group.


When a Client Group is displayed, you can clear the selection for Client (by clicking the x in the Client selector) to display all the Jobs for the Group in the Job selector.

Hide/Unhide Inactive Jobs

Inactive Jobs are hidden by default.

To show inactive jobs in the selection, click Unhide the inactive jobs. This shows jobs that have a Status set in FYI with the Type set as "Completed", "Cancelled", "On Hold" or "Archived" (refer to Managing Job States). 


To hide inactive jobs, click the Hide the inactive jobs button.


Opening the Group from the Clients List

In the Clients list, you can also open the Group, and display the Group Details, by clicking the Group name in the Client Group column.


Displaying the Include in AutoFile Column in the Clients Tab

When displaying the Client Group, from the Clients tab you can include the column Include in AutoFile to see which client(s) within the Client Group are nominated as Include in AutoFile. The clients nominated as Include in AutoFile will be used when auto-filing where the email is shared by more than one client. Refer to Nominating the Client to Include in AutoFile.


Client Phone or Mobile Number

From the Client Group - Clients list, you can click the Phone number or Mobile number link for a client. If your computer has a phone registered on it, this automatically loads your phone application and makes the connection with the number added directly from the link. It also automatically creates a Phone Call record within FYI and automatically adds to the Create Phone drawer the client and the phone or mobile number that you clicked.


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