Clients List and Client Workspace

Click the Clients menu option to display a list of all Clients across the entire practice. You use this to locate a client you wish to work on.

The Clients list is initially set to display "All clients", which displays all Active clients in alphabetical order.

784 NL Clients List.gif

You can locate clients from the Clients list in the following ways:

  • Change the view by selecting "My recently used" from the view drop-down. This shows the list sorted by when you last used the clients.
  • Use the Search Clients field to search for a specific client.
  • Sort or Filter for clients.
  • To display the clients that specific users are responsible for, apply Filters for the Partner or Manager.

To view information specific to an individual Client, click on a Client Name in a list to display the Client Workspace. The Client Name in any list is a hyperlink to directly display the Client Workspace. Refer to Displaying Information for a Client.

You can also click the down arrow next to the Clients menu option from any list or workspace to select a Clients View, or one of the last 5 Clients you have used. From the Quick Access, click a Client View or a Client to display it. Refer to Quick Access to Recently Used Clients and Views.

Watch this video to learn about the Client Workspace:


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