Your Home Workspace

Home is your personal view of information in FYI. This is where you will find emails, documents and tasks specific to your login. 

The Home - My Recent list displays as follows.


The Home tabs allow you to display information relevant to you, including: 

  • Emails and Documents
  • Tasks, Comments and Notifications
  • Jobs and Time 

Tip: Click and drag tabs to rearrange them in your preferred order. Refer to Changing the order of Workspace Tabs.

Displaying Emails and Documents

  • The In Tray lists emails and documents that have been brought in from Outlook and other external services but have not yet been filed in FYI. This allows you to check them before making them available to all FYI users across your practice. All emails and documents in the In Tray have a status of "Draft Filed". You will only see documents and emails in your In Tray if you are the “Owner”. Refer to Managing your In Tray.

  • My Recent shows the emails and documents you recently created or modified. By default, this displays the emails and documents you have modified in the last five days.

    You can change this by filtering the list on the My Last Edit date. The My Last Edit date and time field are based on the date and time that you started editing the document (that is when you checked the document out).

    Note: The Modified Date and Modified By fields are only updated if you make changes to a document itself. If you make changes such as to the Filing or Workflow details, this does not update the Modified Date and Modified By.

    Changes made to the body of a Draft email or to a Phone Call, File Note or Meeting do not update the Modified Date and Modified By, but these details are recorded in the Activity section of the document drawer.

  • My Edits shows all the documents and emails that you currently have open for editing. When you edit a document, FYI checks that document out to prevent other users from editing it and avoid loss of work or save conflicts. While you have the document checked out, it will appear in My Edits. Documents are sorted on Modified On date.

    To save your changes and check a document back into FYI, select it in My Edits and click the “Finished Editing” button, or click the "I am finished editing" in the drawer.

    It is recommended that you check your My Edits at least once a day for any documents you may still have open for editing.

    Note: Documents are automatically marked as "Finished Editing" and synchronised back into FYI after 2 weeks of inactivity (excluding documents in Co-Edit).

  • My Starred displays emails and documents that you have marked as Starred to 'pin' them for easy access. Refer to Marking and Displaying Starred Documents.

For information on locating documents using views, sorts and filters, refer to the articles in the section Search and Retrieval.  

  • My Approvals displays any emails or documents that have been assigned for your approval in the workflow process. 

    It displays emails or documents with a workflow Status of "Pending Approval" and where you have been assigned as the ApproverAn Approver can use this tab to preview emails or documents that are waiting for approval and easily mark one or more as Approved. 

    Workflow functions are only available for practices on the Pro plan. 

For more information on how to enable the review and approval of emails and documents, refer to the articles in the section Workflows.

Displaying Tasks, Comments and Notifications

  • My Tasks displays tasks that have been delegated to you by others, or that you have delegated to yourself. Tasks can be viewed in a List, Board, or Group based on Due Date.

  • Delegated Tasks display tasks that you have delegated to other people. 

  • My Comments displays a list of any documents for which you have created a Comment or on which you have been mentioned. Click on the first line of the summary to display the details of the linked Document in the Drawer, with the Comment pane opened automatically.  

    You can filter the My Comments by Date Range, using either the "Fixed" option (to specify a Start and/or End Date) or the "Relative" option to return results based on a date range relative to the current date. You can also filter these by comments you are mentioned in or that you have created. For more information on these filters refer to Sorting and Filtering Document Lists.

  • Notifications display all system notifications from FYI. For example, if you have been allocated a task, if someone updates a task that you have delegated to them, or if you are mentioned in a Comment. The Alerts icon in the top right-hand corner of the menu can also be used to display Notifications. 

For more information on creating, delegating, and viewing Tasks and Comments, refer to the articles in the section Tasks and Comments.  

Displaying Jobs and Time

  • My Jobs displays Jobs assigned to you in Xero Practice Manager (excluding Jobs where you are the Manager or Partner) or if using Custom User Roles in FYI, selected as a user in a mapped Custom Field. Refer to Custom User Roles and Managing Mappings.
    My Jobs can be displayed as a List or as a Board. A saved view can be selected in the Home - My Jobs.

  • My Time displays your Time information. Time functions are only available for practices on the Pro or Elite plans. The Home - My Time displays Time entries filtered for the current week.

For more information on how to display and maintain Jobs within FYI and to add Time, refer to the articles in the section Jobs and Time.

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