Adding the FYI Add-ins to Your Practice Microsoft 365 Account

To guarantee that FYI can fully leverage your practice Microsoft 365 subscription and ensure your users are on the latest version of FYI Desktop for Windows, you need to add the FYI for Office and the FYI for Outlook apps to your Practice Microsoft 365 account.

This is a mandatory step, that must be completed before your team begins using FYI. 

You must be a Microsoft 365 Administrator for your practice to complete this function on behalf of other users. It's recommended to add the FYI Add-ins centrally for all users using the method below.

Alternatively, individual users can add the FYI Add-ins (refer to Adding FYI Add-ins as a User from within Office and Outlook). This may be a good option if only a few individuals are accessing FYI during your 30-Day Free Trial. If already added for individual users, the FYI Add-ins can still be added for your practice Microsoft 365 subscription at a later date without affecting each individual user’s setup.

Step 1 - Locating the FYI Add-ins in the Microsoft Store

  1. Go to https://appsource.microsoft.com
  2. Log in using the credentials of the user with Microsoft 365 Administration privileges for your practice.
  3. Search for FYI
  4. The apps FYI for Outlook and FYI for Office will be included in the results. 


Step 2 - Installing the FYI Add-ins on Microsoft 365

  1. Click on either of the apps, for example, FYI for Office
  2. Click Get it now (you'll be able to select both apps later during the setup)
    Note: If the Get it now button is greyed out, refer below to If the Get it now button is greyed out, then continue with the steps. 


  3. Follow the prompts to sign in
  4. You'll be redirected to Microsoft 365 Admin Center.
  5. The Deploy New App drawer will open


  6. Ensure FYI for Office and FYI for Outlook are both selected and click Next
  7. Under Assign Users Select "Entire Organization". Or, if you wish to restrict access to the Add-in, select Specific users/groups and add the users that you want to access the add-in.


  8. Click Next

  9. Details on the App Permissions and Capabilities will be displayed. Review the page and click Next

  10. Review the page and click Finish Deployment

  11. The Deployment completed page will be displayed
    Note: Outlook may take up to six hours before the app is available


If the "Get it" now button is greyed out

If the Get it now button is greyed out:

  1. Click the Edit your details link.
  2. Enter your details and confirm that all the boxes are filled out.

  3. Click Get it now.
  4. Complete the steps in Step 2 - Installing FYI for Outlook above.

For information on how to check that the FYI Add-ins have been installed, refer to How to check that FYI Add-ins for Office Products have been installed.


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