Search and Retrieval Overview

All the information in FYI is displayed on the Lists and Workspaces which are accessed from the menu options.

All lists initially display with default selections. You can then make selections to search for, sort and filter the information. The lists will only find anything that you have permission to access.

You can use Search, Sort and Filter options to find information.

Saving a View

Documents Lists

  • In documents lists, you can use the buttons at the top to refine what displays in the list. When enabled, these buttons display as white with a green outline. When not enabled, they display with a grey background.

    You can use the Content Search button to perform a text search within the content of emails, phone calls, file notes and meetings. Refer to Search within Email, Phone Call, File Note and Meeting Content.

    Note: Content Search does not find text in emails that are "Draft", only emails that have been sent or received.

    You can use the Hide Threads button to hide the underlying conversation thread of emails in lists so you only see the most recent. Refer to Managing Email Threads.

    You can use the Mine button to display any documents or emails that have your name recorded as Owner. Refer to Using the Mine Button in Using the Documents Lists.

    You can use the Starred button to display any documents or emails that you have Starred so you can easily access them. Refer to Marking and Displaying Starred Documents. Starred functions are available for practices on the Intermediate and Pro plan. Refer to Subscribing to an FYI Plan.

    The name of the Partner associated with a user can be selected in their User Profile (refer to Managing Users). When you have a Partner assigned in your User Profile, you can use the Show documents of Clients for My Partner function in document lists to display the documents of the clients for your partner. This function is also available in lists such as Home - My Recent, My Edits, My Approvals.


Jobs Lists

  • In Jobs lists, you can use the Unhide inactive jobs and Hide inactive jobs button.
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