Microsoft 365 Integration

FYI incorporates a rich integration with Microsoft Office products such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Outlook Email App

The Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults controls how the automatic filing of email from Outlook is managed. This is managed by your FYI Admin. Refer to Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.

Outlook Calendar App

The Calendar Entry AutoFile automatically imports and files client meetings from your users' Outlook calendars. They are created as Meetings in FYI and allows your practice to automatically store a record of all client meetings. This is managed by your FYI Admin. Refer to Calendar Entry AutoFile.

FYI Add-ins for Office and Outlook

To ensure that FYI can leverage the full benefits from your practice Microsoft 365 subscription, you need to add the FYI for Office and the FYI for Outlook apps to your Practice Microsoft 365 account.

The FYI Add-ins can be downloaded from the Microsoft Apps Store at http://appsource.Microsoft.com  


Once added, the FYI Add-ins will be available from within your Office products.

This is a mandatory step, that must be completed before your team begins using FYI.

You must be a Microsoft 365 Administrator for your practice to complete this function on behalf of other users.

Refer to Adding the FYI Add-ins to Your Practice Microsoft 365 Account.

Note: You can also add the FYI Add-ins as an individual user from with Office and Outlook. This may be a good option if only a small number of individuals are accessing FYI during your 30-Day Free Trial.

Refer to Adding FYI Add-ins as a User from within Office and Outlook.

Setting Up OneDrive for FYI Users

It is important to ensure each FYI user's OneDrive is linked to FYI and synchronising to the desktop.

Once the synchronisation has been completed, you should see your  "OneDrive - Practice Name" in Windows Explorer.

Within this folder you should see the FYI system folders such as “FYI - Import”, “FYI - My Edits”, “FYI - My Imports”.


When set up correctly, you will be able to use the Edit in Desktop function from within FYI.


After selecting “Finished Editing ”, the uploaded document will be automatically synced into FYI and made available to other users to edit.

Refer to Troubleshooting editing Excel and Word documents on the desktop using OneDrive.

For the IT professionals

Refer also to the following Microsoft help articles for additional information.

Refer also to Prerequisites for using FYI in your Practice.

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