Configuring FYI to suit your Practice

The following list outlines the standard items that we recommend should be set up and configured for your practice before you Go Live with FYI.  

Your Onboarding Consultant will assist you, and you can contact the FYI Support Team at any time if you need help. 

Refer to the "Initial Setup" checklist in your onboarding plan for in-app links, relevant help articles and other useful resources. You can use this checklist to monitor your progress as you work through each task. 

Completing the recommended Admin Training will also assist you with these configurations. 


Check if any Client Security is required
Confirm any clients that require additional security and specify the users that need permission to access. Simply send the relevant details to your Onboarding Consultant, and they will assist with the set-up. Refer to Client Security.

Optimise your practice data
In order to maximise the key features in FYI, some simple housekeeping of your practice data is recommended. Refer to Optimising your Practice Data.


Check your Email AutoFile settings
Learn how Email AutoFile works, configure your settings, and follow our tips and tricks to ensure your team gets the most out of this feature. Download the Email AutoFile Quick Reference Guide in Email AutoFile Best Practice.

Test the default Email Signature for your practice
Your Onboarding Consultant will ensure that a default email signature is created in FYI as part of the initial setup for your practice. All you need to do is test the signature by creating an email in FYI.

Create Email Templates
Email Templates hold the standard text for the body of an email and allow you to automatically create and file standard client emails quickly and easily. They are stored and maintained in the Templates Cabinet in the Knowledge Workspace in FYI.


Test your Practice Letterhead
Your Onboarding Consultant will ensure that your practice letterhead is created in FYI as part of your initial set-up. All you need to do is test the letterhead by creating a letter in FYI.

Create Document Templates
Document Templates hold the standard text for the body of a Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint Presentation and allow you to automatically create and file standard documents quickly and easily. They are stored and maintained in the Templates Cabinets in the Knowledge Workspace in FYI.  

You can include Merge Fields in a Word Template to bring in content from your practice management software and from FYI. Merge Fields need to be added in a specific format.

Install the FYI Desktop App 
The FYI Desktop App can be used to edit any FYI document independently of OneDrive. This is useful especially for editing PDFs using your default PDF editor, and if you prefer an alternative to OneDrive when opening and editing documents from FYI. Refer to FYI Desktop App for detailed instructions.

Search and Retrieval

FYI’s Default Views can be configured by creating new standard views for your Clients list, Documents list, Jobs list and Tasks list.  

 Changes made to the layout of a view, such as columns added, changes to the sequence of the columns, filters and search criteria, can be saved using the Save View. This saves the layout and makes it available to all users in your practice. 

An example of useful columns to include in your default Client view may include: 

  • Partner 
  • Manager 
  • Status which is set to Active 
  • Client or Export code depending on whether you are used to working with Client Names or Client codes 
  • Custom fields are also available for you to include in your views 

To create new views for your Client List, refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.


You can configure how Jobs display in the list views and Job boards in FYI. This allows you to customise the order of the Job States, which States appear on the board and select colours specific to your practice. You can also nominate which of the Job States you use in your practice to indicate an inactive job in FYI. Refer to Managing Job States.


The workflow functions in FYI allow you to manage the internal review and approval of emails and documents. Workflows can be set for any type of email or document so that they can be managed from "in progress" and 'in review", to "approval" and if relevant, "client signature". 

To configure Workflows for your practice, start by setting the Approval Level to “Approval” for each user who will need to have authority to review and approve documents. This can be done for each user in their FYI user profile.  Refer to Workflow Basics.


To configure Collaborate for your practice, you will need to link your OneDrive account, create a Collaborate Invitation template, and configure your Collaborate settings. Refer to New Collaborate Overview.

It is also useful to set up a custom process to send a notification when a client has uploaded documents to their OneDrive Upload Folder. Refer to Client Upload Notification.


Your Onboarding Consultant will discuss any integrations recommended for your practice for Go Live.  

Most practices would consider connecting the following apps from Day 1: 

Process Automations

A number of Sample Process Automations come shipped with FYI and must be configured to suit your practice requirements. As a minimum, the following sample processes must be checked and configured before Go Live: 

Refer also to the section Sample Processes.


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