July 2024 Release Notes

Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements, and resolutions.



  • FYI is now integrated with Apxium, accounts receivable software with engagements, reminders, instalments and direct debit. Using the integration, practices will be able to sync and file engagements in FYI. Refer to Integration with Apxium


  • We have introduced a new User Group Permission to Practice Settings, "Export Client List", allowing practices to manage which users can access the CSV Export option in Client Lists. The new permission will be enabled by default for FYI Admins only. To add the new permission to a User Group, refer to Managing User Groups.

  • The FYI Client ID is now displayed in the Client Details section of the Client - Summary tab. The FYI Client ID is a unique system-generated number assigned when a client is created in FYI, and used by New Collaborate as well as the Bulk Export and Migrate functions. Refer to Client Summary.

  • When running a Bulk Export via AWS, the Include Document Threads option is now enabled by default, ensuring all documents in the thread will be included in the export. Click the option to remove the tick if all document threads are not required. Refer to Bulk Export AWS.

  • For practices on the Elite plan where FYI has been enabled as the Primary Source for Client Data, we have removed the Sync button from the Client List. If required, a manual client sync can be performed from the Automation Dashboard by an FYI Admin or users with Automation permissions. Refer to Running a Manual Sync with Xero Practice Manager and Synchronising with Xero Practice Manager where FYI is enabled for Primary Source of Client Data


  • For practices on the Elite plan:
    • When creating a Disbursement Invoice using the Create Invoice automation step, the Layout field is now available to select either a Summary or Detailed layout. 
    • When using Bulk Update, we have improved the error message when no valid rate is found. Time entries must be dated after the Time Rate's "Start From" date and not in a Locked period.
    • Users are now prevented from deleting negative time entries, created when approving an Interim Invoice.



  • For our migrators, when migrating documents using a Metadata file, we have added support for the new columns introduced in the Bulk Export AWS metadata file. When matching clients, the data in the Export Code column will be matched to the Client Export Code on the Client - Summary tab, while the FYI Client ID column will be matched to the Client Code Custom Field selected in the Migrate settings in the Onboarding Wizard. Refer to Onboarding Wizard and Document Migration with a Metadata File

  • For practices on the Elite plan with FYI as Primary for Client Maintenance enabled:

    • Updates to Custom Fields will be synchronised from FYI to Xero Practice Manager within approximately 15 minutes. The Manual Sync process is no longer required, and the Sync from PM button will be removed from the Client and Jobs - Custom Fields tabs. 

      The Custom Field sync setting in the Automation - Apps - Xero Practice Manager will become redundant. If Custom Fields were maintained separately in XPM, the XPM data will be replaced by the information maintained in FYI. 

    • We have introduced a new FYI Client Mobile & Salutation option in Practice Settings - General.

      Once both FYI as Primary for Client Maintenance and the Client Mobile & Salutation options are enabled, the Mobile and Salutation fields should be maintained in FYI. Updates made in FYI will not be synchronised with Xero Practice Manager.

      If the Client Mobile & Salutation setting is disabled, the fields will not be editable in FYI. Updates should continue to be made in Xero Practice Manager, and will be synchronised to FYI.

      Note: Consider your Xero Practice Manager integrations with other app providers before enabling this setting. 


  • For practices integrated with IRIS, when synchronising Job Stages, the job in FYI will reflect the Job State for the highest completed Stage. When the job is marked as Job Completed in IRIS, the job will be set to Complete.
  • When viewing Home - My Time using the List view, date ranges will be displayed using a dd/mm/yyyy format.
  • The Job Description is now correctly displayed on the Job - Summary tab for practices on FYI Intermediate and Pro plans.
  • For practices integrated with BGL, when importing documents using the Corporate Documents & ASIC Statements - Import & AutoFile process, the {{ ComplianceYear }} Merge Field can be used to set the Year category.
  • When updating a client's Tax Number, if the same number has already been added to another client in FYI, the Tax Number will not be saved and an alert will be added to Practice Activity.
  • For practices on the Elite plan, when creating an Invoice, completed jobs will not be available to select if there is no outstanding WIP.
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