Opening and Viewing Credit Notes

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Credit Notes created in Xero Ledger are synchronised to FYI overnight. 

To view Credit Notes, navigate to the Invoices List from either the Practice, Clients, or Jobs Workspace.

Click on a Credit Note in the List to display the Credit Note Drawer on the right-hand side.


Credit Note Drawer

Credit Notes Name

The Credit Note Name is displayed at the top of the drawer. This identifies the Credit Note internally, and is the name that displays in Invoices and Documents lists in FYI.

By default, when Credit Notes are created in FYI, the name will be in the following format:

Credit Note on (date) - (amount)

The amount will be displayed using brackets to indicate the negative value. 

To change the Name, click the Name field, make the change, and click the Tick button to save the change (or click the X button to discard the changes).


Credit Note Details

The Details section in the drawer displays additional information on the Credit Note, for example, the Credit Note Number, Status, and the Xero Ledger Account. You can also Edit the Credit Note to change the assigned Client and Job.


  • The Credit Note Number is assigned to the Credit Note by Xero.

  • The Status displays the Credit Note Status from Xero, and indicates whether the credit note is in DraftAwaiting Payment, Paid, or Voided.

  • The Xero Ledger Account shows the connected Xero Ledger account where the Credit Note was synchronised from.

  • The Date is the Credit Note Date, and will automatically populate with the date the Credit Note was created in Xero.

  • The Credit Note Amount will show the value of the Credit Note for the client.

  • The WIP Carried Forward and the Credit Note Description fields can be disregarded.

Filing Section

The Filing section in the Drawer displays filing information for the selected invoice. You can add or change this information to re-file it in FYI.


If the Credit Note has been applied to an invoice, when the Credit Note is imported into FYI, it will automatically select the Client and Job as per the invoice. 

If the Credit Note has not been applied to an invoice, FYI will try to find a matching Job or Client based on the Reference entered into Xero. Where a match cannot be found, the Client or Job will not be set.

  • The Client can be changed by clicking into the field and typing in the name. Select the client in the drop-down list.

  • To change the Job, click into the drop-down field. A list of jobs for the Client or Client Group will be displayed, depending on your 

The Cabinet will be automatically set based on the practice's Invoice Filing Defaults. Refer to Managing Invoices Settings. Click into the Cabinet field to select a different cabinet from the drop-down list.

Depending on Cabinet selected, the filing Categories for Credit Notes will be displayed, such as Year and Work Type. The Category options that are available are filtered according to the Cabinet selected (refer to Conditional/Filtered Categories in Managing Categories). The Categories selected control the options that can be selected and the order in which these display in the drawer.

If the selected Cabinet has been enabled for Tags and Keywords, you can create or select Tags and/or enter one or more Keywords to use as additional categorisation and to use when searching for the document. Refer to Tags and Keywords.

Other Sections in the Drawer

When opening a Credit Note, the information displays in sections in the drawer, as detailed below.


If any tasks have been created for the Credit Note, they are displayed in the Tasks section. You can also add a new task if required.

Refer to Displaying Tasks from an Email or Document and Adding a Task to an Email or Document



The Time section shows any time that has been recorded for the Credit Note. You can add time that relates to the Credit Note by clicking Add Time. Refer to Time Overview.



The Workflow functions in FYI allow Credit Notes to be managed through their lifecycle. Refer to the section Workflow.



The Activity section shows the automatic log of changes to the Credit Note, for example when the Details section is updated due to changes of the Credit Note status in Xero, or if the filing details were changed in FYI.

The Activity includes the date and time of the activity and the name of the user who completed it. 


Recent Documents

The Recent Documents section in the Drawer is a list of the 10 most recent emails and documents created for the client. Click on an invoice, email, or document in the Recent Document section to open it in the Drawer.


Comments can be added to a Credit Note by any team member. These can be used to add any notes and allow team members to collaborate on a Credit Note. Refer to Adding Comments and Notifying Team Members.

Using the Tools at the Top of the Drawer

At the top of the Drawer are the tools Add Task, Add Time, Starred, Support Request and Copy Doc Link.


  • Click the Add Task icon to add a new Task for the selected Credit Note. Refer to Adding a Task to an Email or Document.

  • Click the Add Time icon to add time information. Refer to Time Overview.

  • You can mark an Invoice as Starred, or Unstarred with the Starred icon in the Drawer. This allows you to mark specific Credit Notes that you personally want to be able to access easily. Refer to Marking and Displaying Starred Documents.

  • Click the Support Request icon to send a Support Request that automatically adds a link to the relevant Credit Note so that FYI Support have access to the area on which you are requesting support. Refer to Sending a Support Request.

  • Click Copy Doc Link to create a Doc Link to the Credit Note and send this to any internal team member. Refer to Copying, or Inserting, and Opening a Document Link
    Note: The Copy Doc Link in the drawer copies the link so the Credit Note Drawer opens.
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