Error in Practice Activity "Failed due to user not assigned to job"


For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, when submitting a Time entry in FYI, the time is not synchronised and the following error is displayed in Practice Activity.

  • The staff member is not assigned to the task.

The time entry in FYI is also reverted back to a Draft status, and the Activity section for the Time entry displays "Failed due to user not assigned to the job".


To submit time in Xero Practice Manager, users must be assigned to a Job or Task.

The XPM Staff Allocation setting in FYI allows practices to control the number of synchronisations with XPM when submitting time by selecting from either "Explicit" or "Inherit from Job".

  • Explicit - FYI will perform additional syncs to add and remove the user from the task in FYI when submitting time. However, this performs more syncs and may increase the risk of using all available sync requests with XPM, and hit the Xero Rate Limits.

  • Inherit from Job - This option does not perform additional syncs, and the user must be manually assigned to the Job in XPM before submitting time.

Refer to Managing Practice Settings and Xero Practice Manager Rate Limiting

It's likely that your practice settings have been set to "Inherit from Job", and the user has either not been assigned to the job in Xero Practice Manager, or the task is assigned to a different user.


To resolve the issue, you will need to do the either of the following:

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