Collaborate with your Accountant - the Client Experience

The below video demonstrates how your clients can navigate their Portal and share documents securely with your practice.

How do you share this with your clients?

This video is held on our website, along with the following FAQs and can be shared with your clients. Share the link below:
Collaborate with your Accountant

Frequently Asked Questions

For more details on using your portal refer to the FAQs below or get in touch with your accountant.

How do I login to my Portal?
If this is your first time logging in you will have received an email from your accountant with the link to login to the portal. Click this link to follow the login prompts and access your documents. Note: you must use the email address that the invitation was sent to, to access your documents. If you need to access from an alternate email get in touch with your accountant for them to reissue your invitation.

I have multiple entities, i.e. myself and business accounts how will I see these details?
You may be invited to more than one entity, for example your personal details and your business accounts. You will be able to quickly and easily identify these from your documents page with each entity having a dedicated folder for you to seamlessly locate information.

How do I upload files for my accountant?
To upload files for your accountant simply open the relevant entity folder, and locate and open the Upload folder. Then locate the file(s) on your computer to drag and drop or click the upload files option if preferred. Your files will then upload and within 15 minutes sync to your accountants FYI software. On successful sync your files will disappear from the Upload folder and your accountant will automatically be notified.

I’m having issues logging into my portal, who do I speak to?
Get in touch with your accountant directly and provide as much information as you can regarding any error messages you’re receiving when attempting to log into your portal.

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