Configuring FYI as Practice Management with Xero Ledger Connection Only

The FYI Elite Onboarding Wizard will guide practices through the overall process of migrating to FYI for Practice Management. Refer to FYI Elite Onboarding Wizard

Where a practice does not integrate with Xero Practice Manager, there are particular steps that should be considered when configuring FYI as Practice Management.

WIP Migration

Consider if you intend to migrate the WIP balances from your current practice management software to FYI. If you are, we recommend that at a minimum completing the following steps for a smoother transition and to make it easier to reconcile your data:

  • Review your outstanding WIP balance
  • Determine whether any WIP should be invoiced or written off

Prepare a WIP Migration Report

To successfully import your unbilled WIP, you will need to prepare a CSV file containing your unbilled WIP data.

Important: This file must be saved in a .CSV file format, and with the filename 'WIP - Unbilled WIP (detailed)' for the WIP to successfully migrate to FYI.

The columns of the CSV file must match the following headings exactly:

  • [Job] Job Summary
  • [Ledger] Ledger Type
  • [Client] Client
  • [Ledger] Description
  • [Ledger] Date
  • [Ledger] Staff
  • [Ledger] Billable
  • [Ledger] Time
  • [Ledger] Quantity
  • [Ledger] Billable Rate
  • [Ledger] Billable Amount
  • [Ledger] Note

Once prepared, follow the steps in the Onboarding Wizard - Commence WIP Migration, or refer to the Import Report steps in Import Xero Practice Manager Unbilled WIP Report.

Note: Non-billable WIP or Time and Disbursement Entries will not be imported during migration.

Client Maintenance

Enable FYI as Primary Source of Client Data

When a practice does not integrate with Xero Practice Manager, it is our recommendation to Enable FYI as Primary Source of Client Data as soon as you switch to the Elite Plan. By doing so, the practice can create and manage client data directly in FYI and no longer required to manage this through uploading a client.csv file to Practice Sync. Refer to Enabling FYI as Primary Source of Client Data.

Turn Off Practice Sync App

After enabling FYI as your Primary Source of Client Data, the Practice Sync app is no longer required for updating your client data. The Practice Sync app can be turned off by an FYI Admin.

  1. Login to FYI as an FYI Admin.

  2. Click the Automation menu option.

  3. Go to the Apps tab.

  4. In Practice Sync, click the cog icon to edit this process.
    1507 Edit Generic Practice Sync.gif
  5. Set this to Off to disable the Practice Sync.
    1508A Disable Generic Practice Sync.gif
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