Merge Employees from Clients

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If you have previously been managing your employees by using a Client in FYI, you can now migrate your client to their employee record.

During the merge process, this will transfer all documents and tasks to the new employee. The Cabinets will also be updated to the Employee cabinet. Client Details will be merged, including Custom Fields, although for any details already populated on the Employee they will remain the point of truth and will not be overwritten. 

The following details can be merged from a client to an employee record:

  • Standard fields (Address, Mobile, Phone, Date of Birth, and Manager)
  • Custom Fields (note the Custom Field must be enabled for both Client and Employee)
  • Documents
  • Tasks
  • Process Executions (the history only - the process itself will remain available to clients only)

When merging an employee from a client, all records will be merged. Employees must be merged individually.

To merge a client record with an Employee record:

  1. Navigate to Practice - Employees.

  2. Tick the Employee to be merged from the Employee list.
  3. Click Merge from Client in the toolbar.
  4. Use the From Client drop down to find the client to be merged. Type three or more characters to search for the client name. Archived clients will not be displayed.
  5. Select the options to be merged from the Client Record. By default, all options will be selected. Click the tick icon to change it with a minus icon.
  6. Click Merge.

  7. The Merge will be completed in the background. Click OK to close the window.
  8. Click the Employee Name in the Employees List to view details and confirm the details have been merged successfully.

  9. The client will remain active. To archive the client, refer to Archived Clients
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