June 2024 Release Notes

Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements, and resolutions.



  • We've made several updates to the Bulk Export process. For all of these features below, refer to Bulk Export AWS and Bulk Export OneDrive

    • When configuring the Export Structure List for both AWS and OneDrive, you can now add the FYI Client ID, a system-generated ID unique to each client. For practices using New Collaborate, this is the ID used when creating a client folder on the New Collaborate SharePoint site.

    • For Bulk Export AWS, additional client columns are included in the Export Report. The new data includes the Client Name, Client Code, Export Code, FYI Client ID, Cabinet, and the Year category. 

    • When running a Bulk Export via OneDrive, a Client must be selected before continuing with the export.

  • For practices on the Elite plan, when creating or editing a client, you can now set the Name for Individuals, similar to setting a name for other structures e.g. Company. The Name field is separate from First and Last name fields, and used when displaying the client in the platform, for example in Client Lists, and synchronised to Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Editing Client Details

  • When changing the Practice Management Sync Solution to FYI a prompt will be displayed to remind users to disconnect and uninstall the Practice Sync app. Refer to Practice Management Sync app


  • When using Bulk Update, dates can now be manually typed in without displaying an error.
  • When removing a client from a Client Group in Xero Practice Manager, the change is synchronised to FYI with "Xero" displayed in the Activity section of the client drawer as the user who made the change.
  • When clicking on a client name in Home - My Recents tab to open the Client Workspace, the client's name will be displayed correctly.
  • After deleting the connection to Xero Ledger, practices will be able to reconnect to Xero successfully.
  • When a client is archived in Xero Practice Manager, the Client - Relationships tab will display the client name with "Archived" in yellow next to it, rather than changing the client name to "Archived Client".
  • We have resolved an issue where on some sites the Practice Sync app would stop, and a restart was required to resume synchronising with FYI.



  • Legacy Collaborate has now reached end-of-support. A banner will be displayed for FYI Admins of practices with the feature enabled, and we encourage practices to upgrade to New Collaborate as soon as possible. Refer to Upgrading to New Collaborate

  • When using the FYI Browser Extension to file PDFs from the browser, we have improved the error message displayed when the correct browser permissions are not enabled. Refer to FYI Browser Extension

  • For implementors, when migrating from MYOB or Virtual Cabinet, clients are now matched using Client Code and Export Code to increase the accuracy of matches. Clients will not be matched by Client Name. Refer to Implementors: Live Import


  • We have resolved an issue where creating Time would not display the Custom Field options in the drawer unless creating time from a Job Workspace.
  • When deleting documents, the Filing Status will be updated to show Deleted instead of Not Filed.
  • When filtering Task Lists, the Job Category filter will be available to all users.
  • When synchronising users from APS, we have resolved an issue where user's names were being incorrectly populated.
  • When synchronising Jobs from IRIS, the Job Stage will be synchronised to FYI as the Job State.
  • For Elite practices:
    • If using AutoTime, when completing a Task created from a Task Template, time entries will not be created if the Task Template has been deleted.
    • The Job - Summary tab now displays the correct outstanding WIP balance.
    • When saving the Practice Invoice and Time Lists using a Grouped View, or when disabling and then re-enabling the Group View, the list will remember the current column order and sorting preference.
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