Migrating from Practice Sync to Xero Practice Manager (Beta)

Before proceeding, please ensure you have discussed the migration process with the FYI Client Success team at client.success@fyi.app.

The Practice Management Sync app includes the ability to migrate to Xero Practice Manager from the following Practice Sync integrations:

  • MYOB
  • APS
  • IRIS
  • CCH Central

Note: The Migrate function is not available for practices using GreatSoft.

When migrating, the data is first synchronised from Practice Sync to FYI, before then synchronising with Xero Practice Manager. A large initial synchronisation is performed at first, with incremental syncs each night to keep the data up-to-date until the transition has been finalised.

The data migration to Xero Practice Manager can take several days, depending on the amount of data and available XPM Rate Limits. The status will be displayed so that FYI Admins can track the progress of the migration.

Migrated Data

The following data will be migrated from Practice Sync to Xero Practice Manager:

  • Clients
    • Client Groups
    • Client Contacts
    • Client Phone Contacts
    • Client Custom field definitions
  • Users

Data not synchronised:

  • Jobs
  • Invoices
  • Time Entries

During the data migration, if a client match is found, but the data in Xero Practice Manager differs to FYI, the migration will prioritise Practice Sync as being more current and overwrite the data accordingly. For example, where a client is matched, but the stored address in XPM is different to the address listed in FYI, the address in XPM will be updated. An alert will be added to Practice Activity when this occurs.


Clients, including Client Groups, Contacts, and Phone Contacts will be synchronised to Xero Practice Manager.

Archived clients, and Client Groups without clients, are excluded.

When matching clients with existing clients in Xero Practice Manager, clients will be matched in order of:

  1. Client Code
  2. Export Code

Client Groups are matched by Name.

If a match cannot be found, a new client or Client Group will be created. 

Invalid Data

A client will not be created if any of the following data is missing or not in a supported format:

  • Partner
  • Manager
  • Business Structure
  • Email format


Users will be matched by email address. If a match cannot be found, a new user will be created.

Client Custom Fields

Client Custom Fields and Custom Field Definitions are matched by name. If a match is not found, a new Custom Field Definition will be created.

Migration Process

Step 1 - Review Practice Sync status

Before starting the migration of data, you should review Practice Sync to confirm:

  1. The integration is connected.
  2. The Last Sync Date is up-to-date.
  3. That you're using the latest version of the Practice Sync Desktop App.

To confirm these details, in FYI, navigate to Automation - Apps. Locate your chosen Practice Sync integration app, for example, Practice Sync MYOB AE/AO, and click the cog icon to open the app.


The Connection Status, Last Sync date, and Application Version will all be displayed.

Refer to:

  • MYOB (Australia and New Zealand)
  • APS (Australia and New Zealand)
  • IRIS (United Kingdom)
  • CCH (United Kingdom)

To check for the latest Practice Sync Desktop App version:

  1. Navigate to https://status.fyi.app/

  2. Click the next to the heading Desktop Apps. The current version number for each app will be displayed, including Practice Sync.

The latest version of Practice Sync can be downloaded from your integrated Practice Sync app located in Automation - Apps e.g. Practice Sync MYOB AE/AO.

Before updating, exit the Practice Sync Desktop App on the server, then run the downloaded setup.exe file as an Administrator. Refer to FYI Practice Sync Desktop App

Step 2 - Connect Xero Practice Manager

Before you can begin with the migration, you will need to connect FYI to Xero Practice Manager. 

During this process, your current Practice Sync integration remains selected as the Practice Management source in FYI, allowing you to migrate your data and finalise the transition, before formally switching over.

To connect to Xero Practice Manager, navigate to Automation - Apps - Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Connecting Xero Practice Manager


Step 3 - Begin synchronising the data

  1. In FYI, click the Automation menu option.

  2. Click the Apps tab.

  3. Locate the Practice Management Sync app tile and click the Settings cog icon.

  4. The section Sync FYI Practice Management data into Xero will be displayed on the right.
    Note: If this section is not visible, Xero Practice Manager has not been connected to FYI.
  5. Click Start.

  6. A prompt will be displayed. Click Start to begin the initial synchronisation.
    Note: Initially, the Progress Indicator will remain at 0% while the migration process is running in the background, and will be updated each day (or when XPM Rate Limits for the day are reached).

Once the initial synchronisation has been completed, daily incremental synchronisations will continue to update Xero Practice Manager. This allows you to continue to synchronise your data while you prepare to transition and finalise your migration.

Refer to While the Migration is Running below for more information.

Step 4 - Update your Practice Management Source

Once the data has been synchronised, and you're ready to transition to Xero Practice Manager, you will need to update the Practice Management Source in FYI.

Note: If there is a synchronisation in progress, you will be unable to change the source.

  1. In FYI, click the Automation menu option.

  2. Click the Apps tab.

  3. Locate the Practice Management Sync app tile and click the Settings cog icon.

  4. In the Practice Manager drop-down, select Xero Practice Manager.
    Note: Once this option has been set to Xero Practice Manager, the field will be disabled and cannot be changed.

  5. Click Save.

  6. A confirmation message may be displayed. Click Yes.

Step 5 - Disconnect Practice Sync integration

The Practice Sync integration to FYI is no longer required, and can be disconnected. To complete this, there are two separate steps required.

  1. Disconnect the selected Practice Sync app from within FYI

  2. Uninstall the Practice Sync Desktop App from the computer/server

Refer to Disconnecting Practice Sync integrations

While the Migration is Running

While the synchronisation is in progress:

  • You will not be able to update your Practice Management Source in FYI.
  • You should refrain from making any changes in Xero Practice Manager.
  • Any changes made to your Practice Sync integration may not be reflected in the initial synchronisation. After the initial sync has been completed, an incremental sync will be performed each day, and will include any changes made since the previous sync.
  • If Xero Practice Manager Rate Limits are consumed, and there are no remaining available requests for the day, the sync will be paused and will resume from the current spot when more requests become available. 

The Synchronisation Status will be displayed as a percentage (%) complete, and is updated daily. 

Cancelling the Migration

If the migration is cancelled, and the process started again, FYI will attempt to re-match the items previously synchronised.

However, duplicates may occur if the data has changed since the original synchronisation. In these cases, the duplicates will need to be manually resolved within Xero Practice Manager.

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