Credit Notes Overview

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When a practice is connected to Xero Ledger, Credit Notes created in Xero will be imported into FYI overnight and filed against the client. Refer to Synchronising Contacts, Invoices, and Client Ledger Reports with Xero Ledger

Viewing Credit Notes

Imported Credit Notes are displayed alongside Invoices in the following Lists and Workspaces:

  • Documents List
  • Client Workspace (Documents and Invoices tabs)
  • Job Workspace (Documents and Invoices tabs)
  • Practice - Invoices


Using the Type Filter

The Type column can be filtered to show the Credit Note Document Type only. 

To filter by the Type column, hover over the column heading and click the List icon. Select the Credit Notes option to view Credit Notes only.

Refer to Selecting Filters from the Column Heading in Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists


Displaying the Credit Note Drawer

Click the Credit Note in the list to open the Credit Note drawer. Use the sections in the Credit Note to:

  • View detailed Credit Note information, for example the Credit Note Number and Xero Ledger.
  • View the status of the Credit Note in Xero Ledger.
  • Change the Client or Job the Credit Note is filed against.

Refer to Opening and Viewing Credit Notes


You can preview the Credit Note document using the Preview tab in the drawer. A copy of the PDF imported from Xero will be displayed.


Matching Credit Notes to an Invoice

When Credit Notes are synchronised from Xero, if the Reference Number in Xero matches the Invoice Number in FYI, the Credit Note will be automatically filed to the Job and the Client. 

If a matching Invoice Number cannot be found, a match will be attempted using the Job Number or the Client Name, and filed accordingly. 

The Cabinet will be selected based on whether a default Invoice Cabinet has been selected in the Practice Settings. If a default Cabinet is not set, the Cabinet on the Credit Note will remain blank.

Refer to Managing Invoices Settings

Credit Note Status

Event Credit Note Status
in FYI
Create and Save Credit Note in Xero Draft in Xero

The initial status of a Credit Note when created and saved in Xero, but has not yet been approved.

Credit Note is Approved in Xero Awaiting Payment

The Credit Note has been approved, but has not yet been allocated to an Invoice.

Credit Note is allocated against an Invoice Paid

The Credit Note will only be displayed in FYI when Unhide Paid Invoices is selected from the Invoices List. Refer to Using the Invoices List.

The Invoice will be updated to reduce the Due value.

Credit Note is voided in Xero Voided

The Credit Note will only be displayed in FYI when Unhide Deleted and Voided Invoices has been selected from the Invoices list. Refer to Using the Invoices List.


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