Get Ready for the New Financial Year (June 2024)

Get Ready for the New Financial Year June 2024.png

Find out how you can accelerate your workflow for the New Financial Year. 

In this 30-minute webinar, we'll guide you through optimising your FYI platform and how to automate client information requests to hit the ground running for the new financial year.

Topics include:

  • Housekeeping for your FYI platform - including filing options and defaults, reviewing templates, rates, and other crucial items. 
  • Planning for jobs with the job workspace - using Automation and Job Lists to effectively rollover jobs, and plan for the new financial year.
  • Automate your client information requests - how to create a Custom Process to bulk request client information efficiently.

Click below to play a full recording of the webinar (30 minutes):

Useful Links & Resources

For more information regarding the features that were demonstrated and discussed in this webinar, refer to:

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