Grouping Practice Invoice and Time Lists

In the Practice - Invoice and Practice - Time List tabs, you can group information by one or more columns, for example, by Client, Client Group, Job, and Status.

Only certain columns can be used for Grouping. For example, fields with a Date or Email cannot be used. 

Enabling the Group View

To enable the Grouped View, click the Enabled Group view button in the toolbar.

The Row Groups section will be added above the list. 

Note: When a list is grouped, the checkboxes to select rows, and the Select 50 and Select All options are not available. 


Grouping a List

Dragging Columns

Lists can be Grouped by clicking and dragging the column header of the relevant column to the Row Groups section. 

The following is an example of grouping the list by Client Group.


You can also drag a column from the Columns tab into the Row Groups by dragging it with the equals sign (=).

More than one column can be added in the same way, by dragging additional column headings to the Row Groups section. 

Where a group doesn't exist, for example, a Client or Job has not yet been nominated for the Time Entry, time entries will be grouped under Non Existing Client and Non Existing Job.

Dragging a Column that is not relevant for Grouping

If you try to drag a column that is not relevant from grouping to the Row Groups section (such as a Date) the field will not be able to dropped, and an icon will be displayed to indicate it's not available.


When a column has been selected as a group

After one or more columns have been added to the Row Groups, the list will be displayed as follows:

  • The list will be grouped by the selected columns, shown in the first column in the list with the heading of Group.
  • The column is removed from the remaining columns on the main list.

You can sort the group by clicking the column heading in the same way as other columns in the list. The list will be sorted in ascending and descending order, or sorting removed altogether. 

When saving the view with the group sorted, the saved View will re-display with the saved sort order.

To expand or collapse a group, click the Expand or Collapse arrow icons on the left-hand side of the group. When saving a view with grouping, the saved Views will always re-display with collapsed values.

You can also right-click over the list to display the pop-up menu and select Expand All or Collapse all to expand or collapse all of the groups.

Removing a Group

To remove a Group, click the next to it either in the Row Groups section at the top or in the Columns tab on the left.

When a Group is removed, the column will be reinserted as a new column to the right of the group.


Saving the View

Changes to the grouping of lists can be saved as a View. When changing to the regular view and back to Grouped mode, the changes will be saved.

Click the View Tools button at the end of the column headings, on the right-hand side of a list.
500 NL View Tools.gif
Click Save View.

Refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.

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