Can multiple users log into FYI using the same email address?

Each user in FYI is identified using a unique email address, which simultaneously acts as the username when logging in.

This login is used in the following locations:

  • Accessing FYI in the browser
  • FYI Desktop App
  • FYI Add-on (Microsoft Office and Outlook applications)
  • FYI Browser Extension

If more than one user logs in using the same email address, the platform may not perform as intended. For example, users may be logged out as often as every 5 minutes, and not as per the Login Timeout setting configured in the Practice Settings.

Please note: FYI does not support more than one user logging in with the same email address. 

Where a practice has a shared email account, for example, the In Tray for this account can be shared with multiple users. Refer to Practice-wide Shared Email Account.

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