Employee Documents

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The Employee - Documents tab displays all document for the specific employee.

When displaying, opening, and working with documents in the Employee - Documents tab, the list is used in the same way as a client's Documents list, except that only documents for the selected employee are included. Refer to the section Using the Documents Lists

The Employee - Documents tab displays as follows.


Create an Employee Document

To create a document for an employee, for example, an Email:

  1. In FYI, click on Practice in the menu.

  2. Click the Employees tab.

  3.  Click on an employee in the list to load the Employee Workspace.

  4. Click the + button in the menu bar, and select the required document. Alternatively, type the keyboard shortcut to immediately create a new document.

  5. The Create Document drawer will open for the relevant document, and the Employee will be automatically selected. For example, when creating an Email the drawer is displayed as below.

  6. Update the fields as required. Refer to Using the + button to Create

  7. Click Create.

  8. The document will be added to the Employee - Documents tab.

Display Document Drawer

Click a document in the list to display the Document Toolbar on the right-hand side. The Drawer gives a focused view of all of the information, functions, and features available for that document.

The sections and options that are included in the Drawer, and how they are used, vary depending on the type of document and whether you are creating the document or looking at an existing one. There may also be different options available depending on the selections you have made (such as once an Employee or Cabinet has been selected).


The Email Thread icon is used in Lists when the Hide Threads option is enabled and the underlying emails are hidden (you will only see the most recent email). The Threads icon appears to the right of the list. Refer to Managing Document and Email Threads.

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In the Email Drawer, click the Thread section to view all emails in the thread.


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