Employee Processes and Process History

The Employee - Processes and Employee - Process History tabs relation to Automations available for the employee.

Employee Processes

The Processes tab displays any Automation and Custom Processes configured for your practice that are available for the current employee and scheduled to run manually. The Employee - Processes tab only displays processes that filter on Employees or an Employee View.

Click the Run button from the Processes tab to run one of the processes for the selected Employee. Refer to Running Custom Processes.


Employee Process History

The Process History tab is an automatic log of any Automations or Custom Processes that have run for the employee.


By default, the Process History tab will be filtered to show only processes with a Started date within the past 7 days.

To increase the date range, hover over the Started heading and click the List icon.

The Filters option is initially displayed. Use the fields to update the date range relative to the current date or click Clear to remove the filter.

Processes will display the Status as either Success, Progress, Error, or Stopped, using the following icons:

1627 Process History Status Icons.gif

Employee Process History Checklist

Click on an entry in the Process History list to open the Process History Checklist. Detailed information will be displayed for each step included as part of the Automation Process.


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