Can I use FYI Desktop App on multiple workstations?


Myself and my team access FYI from multiple different workstations. Can we use FYI Desktop, or should we use OneDrive to open documents?


Both solutions can be used, however we recommend using the FYI Desktop App. Installation is quick and easy, and only takes a few minutes. However, users will need to log out of the Desktop App before changing workstations.

When using the FYI Desktop App on multiple devices:

  • Users should log out of the Desktop App when finished with the workstation. This will avoid conflicts when logged into multiple machines, or before a different user logs into FYI on the workstation.
  • You must ensure you have configured the settings on both devices to use the same OneDrive folder.
  • Ensure that all documents are checked in back into FYI prior to changing workstations. This can be done by clicking "I am finished editing" in FYI.

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