FYI-2178 Error in Practice Activity: "Error exporting invoices - The TaxType Code cannot be used with Account Code"


An invoice cannot be synchronised with Xero Ledger, and the following error is added to Practice Activity:

  • Error exporting invoices - The TaxType code (code) cannot be used with account code (code).

Clicking on the error, the following is displayed in the Activity Drawer:

  • FYI-2178 Update the Tax Type in Xero Ledger for the selected account of select a new account for the Job Template in FYI, before resubmitting the invoice.


When an invoice is created and contains a Disbursement entry, the Tax Rate on the invoice when synchronised to Xero Ledger depends on:

  • The Account selected in the Job Template, and
  • The Tax Rate selected for the Disbursement.

If the Xero Tax Code for the Account in Xero does not match the Tax Rate selected for the Disbursement, the invoice will not be synchronised, and an error will be displayed in Practice Activity.


To resolve the issue, you will need to do the following:

  1. Select a different Xero Ledger Account in the Job Template, or update the Tax Rate for the account in Xero Ledger to match the Tax Rate selected for the Disbursement:
  2. Resubmit the invoice from Practice Activity. Refer to Practice Activity
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