Product Update (April 2024)

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This 45-minute webinar showcases some exciting new features, including an update on the new Elite plan and insight to the Universal Merge Fields feature.

You can watch the full 45-minute recording here.

For those short on time, here is a quick recap. 

Elite: The end-to-end experience

Our highly anticipated Elite Plan and associated features has been released to our ANZ practices.

This update takes you through the end-to-end experience, from maintaining client data to invoicing jobs and practice reporting as well as employee management, you'll get a great overview of the functionality Elite has to offer your practice.

For more on the Elite plan refer to Elite Plan.

Beta: Universal Merge Fields

Universal Merge Fields has been designed to allow you to transfer data across your workspaces in FYI using the Automation Engine, minimising double handling of your data, and allowing you to consolidate your information and operate more effectively. 

This update takes you through common scenarios that Universal Merge Fields can seamlessly apply data to such as assigning the client manager and partner values to the job and more.

Universal Merge Fields is currently in Beta, and on general release will be available to all practices on the Elite plan. Practices on the Pro plan will be able to opt-in to enable the feature. Refer to Universal Merge Fields (Beta). To sign up for the Beta and start using Universal Merge Fields now, refer to Join the FYI Beta Program.

More Support & Education

We continue to expand our educational resources and experiences for our practices and empower you to get the most out of FYI.

We've introduced a new consulting service to help you get your processes automated with our client success consultants. We have several packages to suit your requirements, for more refer to Automation Services.

Our Automation Library continues to grow, with more productivity and compliance processes added into the mix to help you get automated faster on key processes. Refer to Automations Library.

We’ve also added to our Learning Resources with a vast array of content to deliver in a style that best suits your learning style. Refer to Learning Resources.

Coming soon, we'll be offering new users monthly Training and Live Q&A with our client success consultants to ensure you can hit the ground running with FYI's core features. Refer to Webinars and Events. 

Updates across FYI

There have been several enhancements to improve the platform and deliver even more functionality.

We've released status checks for New Collaborate both at the practice level and client level to ensure correct permissions and access so you know that everything is operational. Refer to 

And a reminder that Legacy Collaborate will no longer be supported from 31 May. Refer to Announcing the End of Support for Legacy Collaborate.

We’ve improved Practice Sync functionality including enhanced job synchronisation for MYOB and IRIS practices and custom and client field enhancements for APS & CCH practices. We've also improved Practice Activity to provide more information on events. Where Practice Sync has not communicated with practice management software in over 24 hours, a failure event will display in Practice Activity. 

You can now use Merge Fields in Task Templates when adding a Name and the Task Details. For example, the {{ Client Name }} merge field can be used to personalise the task name for each client when a task is created. This update also extends to Automations, where Task Templates with merge fields will be populated when the automation step is run to create a task. Custom Merge Fields are also supported. Refer to Creating and Maintaining Task Templates. For a list of available fields, including advanced formatting options, refer to the FYI Merge Fields Comprehensive Guide.

We've introduced a new "Custom" Relative Date Filter to dynamically filter your Lists or Views, including Jobs, Documents, Clients, and Tasks lists. Using the filter, you can enter a number of days, weeks, or months relative to the current date. Values can be entered as either negative or positive, to look at either historical or future dates accordingly. The Custom Relative Date Filter is also available for Filters and Views used in Automations, along with Date Custom Fields used to auto-complete tasks through automation processes. For an example of selecting the new Custom Relative Filter refer to Sorting and Filtering Jobs Lists.

We’ve enhanced the management of Custom Views in general settings, so you can now view and filter the status and availability of your views. Refer to Managing Views.

You can now archive Categories in document settings, allowing you to hide the category so it can no longer be used without impacting historical filing. Refer to Managing Categories.

We've added a new option to General Practice Settings allowing FYI Admins to control whether new users should be created as active users by default when first synchronised to FYI. If set to "Inactive", users will be created but will not be able to log in until an FYI Admin has activated the user manually. Refer to Managing Practice Settings.

When creating jobs using Create New - Job the Job Manager, Job Partner and any User Role Custom Fields will pre-populate with the values from the applicable Client field. Refer to Create Job in FYI.

In the Client Workspace, we have introduced a new Relationships tab, replacing the Relationships section previously located on the Client - Summary tab. This tab is display only, meaning that Xero Practice Manager is still required to add, edit and remove relationships. Refer to Client Relationships.

What’s Next

We also run through our Product Roadmap to give you a look into some of the exciting new features on the horizon as part of our new Elite Plan. We also demonstrated our upcoming Universal Merge Fields feature currently in Beta. Watch the recording above to find out more about these exciting features.

For more on the Elite Plan refer to Elite Plan

For more on Universal Merge Fields refer to Universal Merge Fields (Beta), and to sign up for the Beta refer to Join the FYI Beta Program.

To stay up to date on future releases and other important updates, sign up to our Champion list.

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