Can I upgrade to the Elite Plan if I'm integrated with Ignition?

Practices currently integrated with Ignition can upgrade to the Elite plan. Please note the following information on how jobs and invoices will sync:

  • If Ignition deploys your jobs to Xero Practice Manager (XPM) these will continue to sync to FYI. Refer to Synchronising with Xero Practice Manager where FYI is enabled as the PM Source. It is recommended that your job structure is reviewed before migrating to FYI as your Practice Management system. Refer to FYI PM Migration: Before You Begin - WIP Clean Up and Job Review.
  • Invoices synced from Ignition to your Practice's Xero Ledger will import to FYI and match to the client. This is based on client's name matching in Xero and FYI. If you require the invoice to be applied to a billing job in FYI, the "Reference" field on the invoice in Xero will need to be updated to the job number. On the next automatic or manual sync the invoice will be updated in FYI and the WIP credit applied to the corresponding job.
  • If your jobs are deploying in FYI rather than Ignition, the invoices in Xero will still need to be updated with the job number to ensure that the invoice syncs to the correct job in FYI. 

Currently, there are ongoing discussions with Ignition on an integration to improve the job and invoice sync. We recommend reaching out to Ignition directly for any updates on their API and a FYI integration. We will of course, announce improvements via our Help Centre and Community as they occur. 

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