"Error downloading document" when opening a document using FYI Desktop App


When trying to open and edit a document using the FYI Desktop App, the document doesn't open and the following error is displayed:

  • "Error downloading document"


The version of FYI Desktop App is outdated. The app needs to be updated to the latest version before opening files.


You will need to update the FYI Desktop app to the latest version before reattempting to open the file. 

Note: Ensure you are running a minimum of version 1.0.121 of the FYI Desktop app. The version number will be displayed in the Update banner, and in the bottom left-hand corner of the app.

When there is an update available, the icon in the Windows taskbar at the bottom of your screen will be updated to show an arrow pointing up.

1873 FYI Desktop Update ready.gif

Hovering over the icon displays "FYI Desktop - An update is available"

1874 FYI Desktop Update ready Hover.gif

A yellow banner will also be displayed within the app when open.

1860 FYI Desktop App New Update Restart Now.gif

For instructions on how to upgrade FYI Desktop App refer to the section "Updates to the FYI Desktop App" of FYI Desktop App.

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