Error "IDX14100: JWT is not well formed" displayed in My Settings - Status tab


When reviewing My Settings - Status the following error is displayed:

  • IDX14100: JWT is not well formed, there are no dots (.). The token needs to be in JWS or JWE Compact Serialization format


This error can be caused by either the user not having logged into FYI yet, or there is a conflict with an email alias for another user account matching your email address.


To resolve the issue:

  1. Ask the user to log out of FYI and back in again.

  2. If the issue remains, an FYI Administrator will need to review the user accounts to determine if there is a conflict. Refer to Managing Users 

Important: Ensure Unhide Inactive Users has been selected to view all user accounts (including Inactive Users) when checking for a conflict. 

Once the conflicting email alias has been removed, the affected user will need to log out of FYI and log back in again.

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