April 2024 Release Notes


Take a look at this month's new features, enhancements and resolutions. 



  • FYI is now integrated with StackGo IdentityCheck, offering practices a simple and secure Identity Verification process for clients using a Government-issued ID and photo. This integration offers a streamlined, one-click process, and the ability to operate key functionality without leaving the FYI app. Refer to Integration with StackGo Identity Check.


  • In the Client Workspace, we have introduced a new Relationships tab, replacing the Relationships section previously located on the Client - Summary tab. This tab is display only, meaning that Xero Practice Manager is still required to add, edit and remove relationships. Refer to Client Relationships.

  • When migrating to FYI using a Metadata File, documents that belong to a Knowledge Cabinet will not require a Client Name, and the column in the import file can be left blank. Refer to Document Migration with a Metadata File.

  • When migrating from Virtual Cabinet to FYI, you can now select multiple File Stores during the migration process. Refer to Document Migration for Database Systems.


  • When integrated with MYOB using Practice Sync, changing the user logged into the Practice Sync Desktop App will not reset the mapped fields e.g. Company Number and Business Number.
  • When adding a client to New Collaborate Sharing Settings, the correct error message will be displayed if the client's email is associated with an email address of an existing user.
  • We have improved the performance of the Xero Practice Manager integration when synchronising a large number of jobs.
  • When checking out a document using FYI Desktop App, a unique ID will be assigned to the checked-out document. This ensures the correct version of the document will be checked back into FYI when you have finished editing.
  • The Client - Tasks tab will now display Completed Tasks for archived clients.
  • When selecting a Client using the Drawer in FYI and the FYI Add-In for Outlook and Microsoft Office, searching for the Client Name in large client lists will return matching clients.
  • For practices on the Elite plan: 
    • After migrating to FYI for Practice Management, if a Job is converted from a Standard Job to a Workflow Job, the original Standard Job will not be re-synchronised from Xero Practice Manager.
    • When synchronising an Invoice to Xero and assigning a contact to the invoice, the Contact Name search is no longer case-sensitive.



  • For practices on the Elite plan, we have introduced a new Timer function to allow users to easily create Draft time. Users can start and pause multiple timers, and stop the Timer to create a draft entry. Active timers will display the Time Status of "In Progress", available to be filtered on Time lists. Bulk Update can be used to stop active timers by changing the "In Progress" status to a "Draft" status. Refer to Creating Time using the Timer.


  • When upgrading or configuring the New Collaborate app settings, we have removed the Microsoft 365 Security field from the wizard, as the Security Group will be automatically set to "Guest users" by default. Refer to Set up and Create a New Collaborate Site (New Sites only) and Set up and Create a New Collaborate Site (Upgrade from Legacy Collaborate).

  • For practices integrated with MYOB using Practice Sync, when using the "Use Milestone Status for Job State" option, the Milestone Names will now synchronise as Job States in FYI. When a Milestone is completed in MYOB, the Job Status in FYI will be updated to display the Milestone Name. Refer to Synchronising Clients, Users and Jobs with MYOB AE (Australia & New Zealand Only).

  • For practices on the Elite plan: 

    • When creating an Invoice, you can now also select jobs with a status of either "Completed" or "On Hold" if there is outstanding WIP on the job. Refer to Creating an Invoice.

    • When using Bulk Update, users can now delete Time entries unless the Time has already been invoiced, or if the time was from before the Period Lock Date. FYI Admins will be able to continue to delete time from before the Period Lock Date. Refer to Time and Disbursements Bulk Update.

    • We have rearranged the fields on the Create Invoice drawer, moving Custom Fields to below the WIP section. This allows for more efficiency, as Custom Fields are typically automatically populated after selecting a Job Template. Refer to Creating an Invoice.

  • For practices on the Universal Merge Fields Beta, we have added two new Merge Fields - {{ TriggerEmployeePartnerName }} and {{ TriggerEmployeeManagerName }}. These fields will return the Employee's Partner and Manager's name.


  • We have resolved an issue that when upgrading the FYI Desktop App, users were prevented from restarting the app and logging in.
  • When migrating to FYI and using the Resolve Clients tool, all unmatched clients are now displayed successfully.
  • Weblinks in a Knowledge Cabinet can only be edited by users belonging to a Security Group with Knowledge permissions enabled.
  • When creating a Draft Time entry, both the Client and Job fields are now optional. These fields will only be required when submitting the timesheet.
  • When converting a Standard Job to a Workflow Job, or when creating a new Workflow Job for a client, the Billing Job drop-down will display all Billing Jobs from within the Client Group.
  • When importing documents from NowInfinity, the full Document Name will be imported including the text after a full stop.
  • When running the New Collaborate Status Check, after logging out and logging back in as a user with Microsoft 365 Admin permissions, refreshing the Status will continue running the remaining checks.
  • Filtering a View by a Category will display all matching documents.
  • For practices on the Elite plan:
    • The Time & Invoices - Rates tab will now be displayed regardless of the Xero Ledger connection status.
    • When Voiding or Deleting an Invoice, the Amount Due balance will be reset to $0.
    • We have resolved an issue that caused discrepancies in the balance of Invoices between FYI and Xero.
  • For users on the Universal Merge Fields Beta, we have added the Invoiced Amount and Assigned fields to the Jobs section.



  • When integrated with APS using Practice Sync, we have added support for additional APS Client Custom Field Types. To synchronise Client Custom Fields, you must first create a matching Custom Field in FYI with the same Name and Type (the synchronisation is case-sensitive). If the Field Type is not correct an error will be displayed in Practice Activity. For a list of APS Custom Field Types, and the required matching type in FYI, refer to Synchronising Clients and Users with APS (Australia & New Zealand only).

    This change impacts existing Custom Fields. Practices with existing APS integrations and Custom Field sync enabled should rename their current Custom Fields before creating new ones with the correct matching Name and Type. During the next synchronisation the Client Custom Fields will be updated automatically, and the former Custom Fields can be deleted. Refer to Managing Custom Fields.

  • When synchronising with APS, Practice Sync will now synchronise Custom Fields from all Client Attribute Sets to matching Custom Fields in FYI. Refer to Synchronising Clients and Users with APS (Australia & New Zealand only).

  • When creating a Job in FYI using + Create New, the Manager or Partner will be automatically populated from the Client. Custom Fields with a "User" Type that applies to both Client and Job will also be updated. This enhancement does not apply to automations. Refer to Create a Job

  • For users on our Elite plan:

    • Where FYI has been selected as the Practice Management source, Contact Names synchronised to Xero Ledger for non-individual Business Structures will use the First and Last Name as per the Contact Field in FYI (separated using the first space in the name). If the Contact field is blank, the Name will be used instead. Refer to Connecting Xero Ledger (Elite).

    • The Employee - Summary tab has been enhanced, with the "Groups" field renamed to "Team" and the "Role" field renamed to "User Role". The "Export Code" field is also now available to be added as a filterable column on the Employee List. Refer to Employee Summary (Elite) and Practice - Employee List (Elite).


  • We have resolved an issue so the User Profile drawer can be displayed without encountering an "Oh no, an error has occurred" message.
  • When filtering Practice Activity by OneDrive, all matching entries for OneDrive will be displayed.
  • The Create Task drawer will display Categories in the correct order after the Categories have been reorganised via Practice Settings.
  • For Elite practices, when refreshing Report data in Excel, links to FYI will remain displayed in full.
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