Time and Disbursements Bulk Update

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From a Times list, you can use the Bulk Update to update selected or all time entries.

To apply updates to selected Time entries only, first filter the Time List and then use Bulk Update to apply to the Time entries currently displayed. You can also filter Time with one or more Custom Fields.

When bulk updating time and disbursement entries:

  • Time or Disbursement entries that have already been locked or invoiced to the client cannot be updated or deleted.

  • Only an FYI Admin will be able to perform a Bulk Update where the Time falls within a date period that has been locked, including deleted time entries. Refer to Managing Invoices Settings.

  • Deleted time entries cannot be restored.

Using Time and Disbursements Bulk Update

One or more fields can be updated at the same time. If any of the settings are not changed, this will keep the original setting in each of the selected Time and Disbursement Entries. 

Updates to non-chargeable time will not modify the Client, Job or Rate.

To use Bulk Update:

  1. If required, first filter the Time list to display the Time and Disbursement entries you want to apply the Bulk Update to.

  2. Select one or more Time or Disbursement entries.

  3. Click the Bulk Update button in the toolbar. Bulk Update displays in the drawer.
  4. Select a Client by typing at least three characters of the client name. A list will be displayed with all matching clients. Click on the client name to select that client.
    Note: The Client will not be updated for non-chargeable time.

  5. Select a new Job by entering at least three characters of the Job Name. Only active jobs with matching names will be returned. The Client associated with each job will be displayed under the Job Name. 
    If a Client has been selected, Jobs will be displayed for either all clients within the Client Group, or the selected client only, depending on the Practice Setting Show Jobs by Client

  6. If a Billing Job has been selected, the Workflow Job field will be displayed. Click the drop-down box to select the new Workflow Job.

  7. Select a new Rate from the drop-down if required. 
    Note: The Rate field will be disabled if entries have been selected for multiple users. 

  8. Select a Status if required. Draft entries will not be able to be invoiced, and can be updated in the future if required. Submitted entries will be finalised and available to invoice to the client.
    Note: If time entries have an active timer, bulk updates to the Status will cause the timer to be stopped at the time the bulk update is processed.

  9. Click the Delete toggle to delete Time entries.
    Note: Deleted Time entries cannot be restored.

  10. Select a Custom Field if required. Once selected, the Custom Field will be added to a new line. Select the required option for the Custom Field.

  11. The Apply to field will display the number of entries selected in the list. Tick more entries in the list if required.

  12. Click Run.

  13. A message displays that the Bulk Update has been scheduled to run.
    From the message, click the link to the Practice Activity or the Automation History to check the progress.

View Completed Bulk Updates

The Time Bulk Update is run by a process Time Bulk Update. This process is not shown in the Automation - Processes dashboard or List view.

Updates are displayed in the Activity section of the Update Time drawer.


The Job - Process History tab will display when the process has been completed. 

An FYI Admin or a user in a User Group with permissions enabled for Automations or Practice Activity can see when the update has been completed in the Automation - History and Practice - Activity tabs.

From the drawer of an item in Practice - Activity click Go to Automation History.


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