Which Authentication method should I use when signing into the FYI Add-in for Outlook?

There are two login options that can display when signing into the FYI Add-in for Outlook:

  • Login with Windows
  • Use Windows tenant login

The two options represent different ways for a user to be authenticated.

Most users will utilise the Login with Windows option. This allows the authentication process to return the logins the user has active within their Windows environment. It is the simplest and most efficient method of logging in as the user does not need to enter any specific details.

The Use Windows tenant login option allows the user to enter a domain name, for example @mypracticename.com, and to select an account associated with that Tenant. This might be useful if the user has multiple logins associated with the Tenant and they aren't logged into each of those accounts. This options requires the user to enter the domain name each time they select "Use Windows tenant login". 

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