Creating Clients in FYI

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If you are an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Edit Clients (refer to Managing User Groups) you can create a Client in FYI. Once created, these details will display in the Summary tab in the Clients workspace.

Create a Client

  1. From FYI, click the button.  
    Select Client from the list.
    From any workspace, simply press the shortcut key A for a new client. The Drawer will display on the right-hand side.
  2. In the Drawer, select or enter the details of the client:

    Groups - Type at least three characters of the Group name to display all groups containing those characters. Then click to select the required group. If a group has not been set up at this point, type the full name of the group and select "Create" in the drop-down.
    Structure -Select the applicable Structure for the client. If a structure is not selected, this field will be left blank.

    Name - Enter the Name of the Client.  This is typically the client's legal name as registered with your governing tax organisation. If you have selected "Individual" as the structure, First Name, Last Name, and Other Name will be displayed as fields to complete.

    Email - Enter the primary contact email address.

    Phone number - Enter the primary contact phone number.

    Export Code - Enter an export code, if required.

    Client Code - Enter a client code, if required.

    Manager - Select the Manager assigned to the Client.

    Partner - Select the Partner assigned to the Client.

  3. Click on the Tax & Company heading to display the additional options.
    Business Number - Enter the Business Number. Typically, this is the unique number that identifies a business or organisation.

    Company Number - Enter the Company Number.  For companies incorporated in Australia, this is the ACN.

    Tax Number - Enter the Tax File or IRD number. This data cannot be duplicated.

    Balance Month - Select the last month of the client's financial period.

    Prepare Activity Statement  - Select Yes if you prepare activity statements for the client.

    Prepare Tax Return - Select Yes if you prepare tax returns for the client.

  4.  Click on the Physical Address heading to display the additional options. 

    The Address Search field uses the Google Maps API to automatically search for addresses. Click in the field and begin entering an address, autocomplete results will be displayed underneath and continue to be refined as you type more details. Click an address to automatically populate the address fields below.

    To manually enter an address, click in the address text fields and enter the street address including the City, State, Postcode and Country.
  5. Click on the Postal Address heading to display the additional options. 

    If the Postal address is the same as the Physical Address, click the Same as Physical Address minus button to change it to a tick. The Postal Address fields will be hidden accordingly. 
    If the Postal Address is different, do not check the button, and instead repeat the steps for Physical address to search for an address or manually enter each text field.
  6. In Set Custom Field, select the Custom Field you want to update. The Custom Field will be displayed above. Select or enter a value, or press the X to remove the Custom Field.

    Once a Custom Field has been selected, it will be removed from the drop-down list as it is already part of the Step.

    Repeat the steps for any additional Custom Fields to be added

  7. Click Save.

Clients are Synchronised to Xero Practice Manager

For practices integrated with Xero Practice Manager, any new clients created in FYI are synchronised to Xero Practice Manager. Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager.

Note: The new client will be marked with a 'Pending Sync' tag while waiting for the updates to be synced with Xero Practice Manager. This tag is located beside the Client Details in the Client Summary. Once the updates have synced to Xero Practice Manager, the tag will be cleared.


Adding Contacts

You can create additional contacts for the client, such as a Bookkeeper or Business Owner.

  1. In FYI, go to the Client - Contacts tab.

  2. Select +Add.  The FYI drawer will appear on the right hand side.  
  3. Complete the contact details.  Refer to Client Contacts.

  4. Click Save.

Create Relationships

For practices that are synchronised to Xero Practice Manager, the Client Relationship data is still created and retained in XPM. Click the Client - Relationships tab to view current relationships for the client.

Refer to Client Relationships.

Update Custom Fields & Other Client Workspace Settings

When creating a client in FYI consider other data and settings that require updating.

  • Where applicable, review and update any required Custom Fields on the Client. Refer to Client Custom Fields.
  • Consider if Client Security is required and apply accordingly. Refer to Client Security.
    Note: only an FYI Admins can configure client security.
  • Review the Client Settings, if any email or filing defaults are to be applied. Refer to Client Settings.
  • If Collaborate is enabled for the practice, review the Sharing Settings for the client. Refer to Client Collaborate
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