Enabling FYI as Primary Source for Client Maintenance

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Enabling FYI as your primary source for Client Maintenance allows FYI to become the main source for creating and managing your client data. Refer to Editing Client Details.

Once this setting is enabled, any changes made to Clients in FYI will not be updated back to the original state in Xero Practice Manager if a manual Sync is requested before the change in FYI has been updated to XPM.

These settings can only be enabled by an FYI Admin. 

Important notes:

Enable FYI Client Maintenance

  1. Log in to FYI as an FYI Admin.
  2. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Practice Settings, then select General.
  4. The Settings tab will be displayed.
  5. Enable the FYI as Primary Client Maintenance setting.


6.  A confirmation message displays.  Ensure that you are comfortable to enable FYI as your Primary Client Maintenance. Once enabled, we do not recommend disabling in future, to avoid potential data loss. Refer to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager.


7.  Click Yes to continue.

Configure User Group Permissions

Once FYI is selected as your Primary Client Maintenance Source, users must be assigned to a user group with the "Edit Client" permission enabled to allow users to create and edit clients within FYI.

Note: users may already have this permission enabled. We recommend reviewing this permission and updating where required.

To review your User Group Permissions, refer to Managing User Groups.

  1. Login to FYI as an FYI Admin.
  2. From FYI, click Settings in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Practice Settings from the drop-down.
  4. Select General.
  5. Go to the User Groups tab.
  6. Review each user group and where required enable the Edit Clients Permission. If needed, create a new user group with the relevant permissions. Refer to Managing User Groups.


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