Error "FYI-2154 We were unable to create the guest user in Microsoft 365" displays in Practice Activity


When trying to add a client to the New Collaborate Sharing Settings the following error is displayed in Practice Activity:

  • We were unable to create the guest user in Microsoft 365. Please refer to the article for troubleshooting steps.


This issue can be caused when the guest user was unable to be completely removed from the SharePoint site collection. This prevents the guest user from being re-added to Collaborate until they are completely removed.


Check if user is in the site collection and then delete

  • Open the Collaborate site by using the link in Automation > Apps > Collaborate
  • Log in as the Practice OneDrive user as this will be the Owner of the SharePoint site.
  • On the Home page, select the Settings cog in the top right > Site Permissions > Advanced permissions settings
    • Click the “Sharepoint site name Members” folder to view the members
    • Change the url so that the MembershipGroupId=0 at the end of the URL
      • For example:

Example URL.png

    • This will display the All People list
    • Locate the guest user account that you are trying to add and tick the box next to the user name.

Site collection.png


    • Select Actions > Delete Users from Site Collection
      • This will remove the guest from the SharePoint site completely.
  • In FYI retry adding the guest user to Collaborate via Sharing Settings
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