Creating Reports from Excel Report Templates

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FYI Admins or users in a User Group that have Permissions enabled for Create Reports can create excel Reports from Master Report Templates. Refer to Managing User Groups and Managing FYI Excel Master Report Templates.

Creating a Report

  1. From FYI, click the + button and select Report from the list of document types.
    Tip: From the workspace, simply press the shortcut key R.
  2. The Create Report Drawer will display on the right-hand side.
  3. The type of Report defaults to Excel Report. To run the Capacity Planning Report type, refer to Running a Capacity Planning Report, Making Adjustments and Refreshing the Report Data.

  4. In the Drawer, select or enter the report details, or change the defaults that are displayed.

    Template - Select the Template from the list of your Master Report Templates. All Active Reports with Excel Reports enabled will display in the drop-down. Refer to Managing FYI Excel Master Report Templates. The selected template will automatically populate the View Type and Filing details. 

    View Type - Update the View Type if required. The View Type is used to select what type of data is shared with the report. Select a View Type relevant to the report, for example, the "Job Profitability Report" would use a View Type of "Jobs". 
    The View is used to determine the data and columns that display in the report. This field is only displayed after the View Type has been selected.

    Include All Columns - enable this setting to add all available columns to the report. This will include all available columns in the report, not just those currently displayed in the selected View.

    Filing Name - Update the Name if required. The Name is used when the report is created, and is displayed in Document Lists. Use Merge Fields to customise the Name when the report is created. For example, when running a report in January 2024 with the Name of "Job Profitability {{ "now" | add_interval: "-1 month" | date: "%B %Y" }}", the report would be created with the name of "Job Profitability December 2023".

    Refer to the FYI Merge Fields Comprehensive Guide for a list of available Merge Fields and advanced options. Sample Report Names have been provided below in the section Latest Master Report Template Versions.

    Filing Cabinet - This will default to the Cabinet that has been set in the Template and can be updated if required. When the report is created it will be filed to this cabinet. 
    Note: Consider the security of reports when selecting a Cabinet. If a Cabinet is not selected, the report will be filed to the practice level filing default. Refer to Managing User Groups.

  5. Click Run.
    Tip: you can use Automations to create Reports automatically. 

  6. A Notification will be sent to the User that has run the report when the report is available.

To open and edit reports, refer to Opening and Editing Reports.


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