Invoicing for Billing & Workflow Jobs

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Invoices are used to bill clients for time and costs associated with a job. When creating an invoice, you will be able to allocate Work in Progress (WIP) or create an interim invoice to reduce the amount owing. Refer to Invoicing Overview and Create an invoice.

Viewing WIP & Time 

From the Summary tab of the Billing Job, you can view the WIP, Budget Amount and Actual Amount for all linked Workflow Jobs rolled up to the Billing Job


To see the amounts associated with each Workflow Job, navigate to the Workflow Jobs tab. For more details, you can navigate to the Workflow Job Summary by clicking the Workflow Job name. 


You can view all the Time entries and Disbursements that have been created for each Workflow Job in the Time tab. Any Interim Invoices will also appear here. 


Invoicing & Selecting WIP 

  1. Before creating an invoice, navigate to the Client - Job workspace. This ensures that the client and job details are prepopulated when creating the invoice. Refer to Create an invoice.
    The following applies to Progress and Final Invoices. Refer to Invoicing Overview.

    When the Create Invoice drawer is open, all Workflow Jobs linked to the Billing Job will appear in the "Selected Jobs" section with their respective WIP and Amount details in addition to any Interim Invoices.

  2. To remove one or more Workflow Jobs from the invoice, click the checkbox on the left for each Job. 
  3. To view the WIP entries associated with a Workflow job, click the Job Name link in the "Selected Jobs" section.

  4. The Add Time window will be displayed, with a list of submitted Time and Disbursement entries. 

  5. To remove one or more entries from the invoice, click the checkbox on the left for each row. Click Save (or Cancel to close the window without saving the changes). 
    The WIP value on the Invoice will be updated to match the total value of the selected Time and Disbursement entries.

  6. Repeat as necessary for each Workflow Job and/or Interim Invoice.

  7. Click Create to create your Invoice.

Invoices can be approved by users in a user group with Approve Invoice permissions. Refer to Approving Invoices.

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