January 2024: What's New and Improved


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Welcome to 2024! We're anticipating another exciting year, and to kick things off we've introduced some updates to popular features of FYI.

Starting with New Collaborate, the Status screen will now automatically review the permissions for the Microsoft OneDrive Admin account. If the current user is the OneDrive Admin user, they can simply click the "Fix" button, and New Collaborate will take care of the rest. Refer to Checking your New Collaborate Status.


When sharing documents via New Collaborate, the Default Email Template will be selected automatically unless the user has already selected a template. Refer to Set up New Collaborate and Sharing Documents with Clients.

Rounding up the New Collaborate changes, the Sharing Settings screen will now display an error if the recipient's email address has been used as a recovery email address for a different account. To assist with troubleshooting, the associated email address will also be displayed, allowing IT Administrators to locate and update the account as required. Refer to Error "Unable to add guest user, this email appears to be associated with an existing user"

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We've also introduced a user validation with the OneDrive app. When selecting a new OneDrive Admin user, a check will be performed to confirm the user has recently logged into FYI, and if they have the correct Microsoft permissions. Once the validation is complete, the user will be able to save the changes. Refer to Link your Practice's OneDrive Admin Account.


We've updated the Home - My Time workspace to display time in the hours and minutes format (hh:mm), making it consistent with the format used when adding time to FYI. This will make it easier to reconcile time entries. Refer to Displaying and Updating Time.

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In line with our expanding feature set incorporating practice management features, we've transitioned to a new domain, fyi.app. This domain replaces the former fyidocs.com used by both our platform and online support resources, including the Help Centre.

These changes impacted the following locations:

  • Logging into the platform - the URL used to log into FYI is now go.fyi.app.
  • Support email address - emails are sent from support@fyi.app.
  • Help Centre - the Knowledge Base is available at support.fyi.app.

Refer to Announcing transition to the domain fyi.app for FYI software and support.

We've also made many more additional updates to the platform this month:

  • For users on the Capacity Planning Beta or the FYI Elite plan, you can now select whether the Capacity Planning Report will calculate forwards based on the Job Start Date, or backwards from the Job Due Date. Refer to Managing Mappings.

  • For our implementors, we have made several improvements to the Migrate App.

    • A new Migrating Client category displays client information from the historical database as per the Metadata file. For example, the Client Code, Export Code, and Client Name. Refer to Implementors: Live Import.

    • Your connection details are displayed when opening the FYI Migrate App to display the logged-in email address and practice name. Refer to How to Use the FYI Migrate App.

  • We have made performance improvements to the speed of the CCH Central Custom Fields synchronisation.

For further details on the features mentioned above and more refer to January 2024 Release Notes.

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